Marc Savard Remembers


marc savard

I guess there’s nothing all that wrong with Marc Savard’s memory after all. You couldn’t blame him if there were gaps in it considering what he’s been through. It seems, though, he hasn’t forgotten what happened to him back in March and, as more and more cheap shots come his way in this Philadelphia series, he is fully aware of how his teammates continue to fail to have his back when the time comes. Last night, he was forced to take things into his own hands.

“I was just facing the boards again, and enough is enough of that. It’s a reaction. Part of hockey, I guess. I just got fired up. Like I got hit the other night in Philly from behind, and then I was facing the glass again in the same situation. And I look back at [the hit on Krejci] and enough is enough. I don’t know, that’s all.”

Do you sense some frustration in what the man is saying? I don’t think he’s just complaining about the Philadelphia Flyers and Mike Richards, who hit him from behind into the boards at 14:34 of the third period in a 4-0 game last night. I think it’s quite possible that Savard’s reaction and his comments might be just as directed at his own timid teammates.

Look at what’s happened to him to this point:

He’s had Daniel Carcillo throw punches at his head during a goal mouth scrum. With no retribution in sight.

He’s had Darrol Powe knock him head first into the boards. No reaction from his teammates.

He’s had Richards, the man who told him in Game 2 he was going to give him another concussion, the man who clocked David Krejci and took him out of the series, the man who plays like a wrecking ball out there trying to send Bruins to the dressing room whenever possible, do the exact same thing.

And that’s when he’d had enough. That’s when he realized he had to defend himself because no one else was going to do it.

Which, if he wasn’t unconscious on the ice on March 7th in Pittsburgh, he would have had to do also, apparently. Because no one lifted a finger for him then, either.

Do you see a trend, here? What is it about this year’s version of the Boston Bruins that it takes them so much to engage with an enemy, to be so hesitant when it comes to the dirty work, to fail to defend a fallen teammate, the worst of all sins in a game that so implicitly values a tough sense of honor?

Where has the Bruins’ reaction to Philly’s hard-nosed play been? Is Vladimir Sobotka the only one who understands you have to answer back when you’re being pushed around? Last night would have been the perfect time for a message to be sent. The game was done early in the third. The team looked lifeless. The crowd was all over them, bitter with disappointment. Time to show you’re not completely without intestinal fortitude. This means you, Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara and Steve Begin and Shawn Thornton and Mark Stuart and everyone else, for that matter.

Time to get angry and fight back.

Apparently, Marc Savard was the only one who felt that way, though.

Which is another thing he’s not likely to forget.


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