The Return of the Punchless Bruins


How many times did we see this during the regular season?

Bumbling, inept play in the offensive zone. Missed shots, fumbled passes, whiffs on one-timers. No one seeming to be on the same page.

No skating.

No hitting.

No fire.

How about a shove or two, at least? Clear someone out of the crease with authority? Get a bit angry? Maybe when the game’s over, eh?

How about this for an idea? The number one goalie for the opposing teams goes down with a nasty injury and off the bench comes a guy who is not only cold but hasn’t seen actual game action in nearly two months. Wouldn’t you want to get a few shots on that guy? Wouldn’t that be a decent, logical tactic? Some shots on net?

Not if you’re in a Black and Gold uniform, apparently. In fact, why not make history by allowing the first combined shut-out by two goalies in a Stanley Cup Playoff game in 55 years.

Just a terrible performance tonight in Game 5 by the Boston Bruins at home. You could feel the crowd just waiting on the edge of their seats for the moment when they could explode and fill the building with the roar and energy of playoff hockey in Boston.

The place was like a mausoleum.

And the Bruins made it that way.

I’ve said it many times. The Bruins don’t handle success very well. Did they expect to just show up for this game and blow the Flyers out of the building? Without earning it? Without working for it? Maybe not consciously but that’s sure how it looked on the ice, didn’t it? The Flyers had a all the jump, all the desperation, all the desire it seemed.

End result: A snoozer of a 4-0 win for Philly that was never a contest at all. B’s go down in this one with a whimper.

Very weak showing at TD Garden tonight and now it’s back to Philly for Game 6 on Wednesday.

Two chances to advance down.

Two to go.


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4 Responses to “The Return of the Punchless Bruins”

  1. toni Says:

    I guess all my optimism was just crap, eh? I was telling my dad last night how this was the WORST game i have seen all season. not just for the playoffs but ALL SEASON.

  2. toni Says:

    I guess all my optimism was crap, eh? I was telling my dad last night how this was the worst game i had seen all season. not just the playoffs but ALL SEASON. But you know Julien, he wont just let them get away with this. He’s gonna bust the b’s asses and make them play, hopefully.

    You have to give lucic-savard-satan line credit though, they had a decent game compared to the rest of the b’s. Hopefully that line comes out strong next game and sets the tempo for a WIN. go b’s!

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    Your optimism wasn’t crap, Toni, and neither was mine or any other B’s fans I don’t think. We just never expected them to come out and lay an egg like that. There’s just no excuse for not showing up on a night like last night. None. The scary part was how like the worst stretches of the regular season that looked. They go back to that, they’re doomed.

  4. toni Says:

    I guess so. After that game i just hope they can get back to how they played that three game stretch!

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