The Young Ones


Their combined age is 77 years. They have played a total of 2,621 games in the NHL between them for 10 different NHL teams. 926 career goals, 2,220 career points. The were both added to the Boston Bruins on one year contracts as a short term solution to add scoring depth and experience to a young team seemingly lacking in both.

Oh, yeah. They both have their names on the Stanley Cup, as well.

And it shows.

Of course, you know by now I’m talking about Miroslav Satan and Mark Recchi.

miroslav satan boston bruins 81 mark recchi boston bruins

Besides the relentless, blanketing play of Zdeno Chara in the Boston zone and the implacable wall that has been Tuukka Rask in net, there can be no question that the undying experience, skill and leadership of the Bruins two elder statesmen has been a driving force behind the Boston Bruins remarkable 2010 playoff run.

It’s hard to imagine where the team might be without them, in fact. Watching them play in this post-season has been a revelation, though, and a joy when one truly begins to appreciate what it is these two veterans are bringing to the table in this, the most important and defining of times in any man’s NHL career; The Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Recchi – Leader on and off the ice, unstoppable drive, fearless in the “dirty areas” and possessing some of the purest hockey sense you’re ever going to see. Tony Amonte, former teammate and roommate, on a local post-game analysis show said that he always called Recchi the “War Dog” because he always knew he was going to be there for every game, giving everything he had, focused, hard-working, determined as hell. The nickname fits. You see it every minute he’s on the ice.

Satan – Calm skill, clutch goals, the sort of hands around the net you just have to be born with. There’s a sense the man loves the limelight of scoring big goals in big moments and more power to him. Dance all you want, you Devil, you. When the puck’s in the back of the net at those sort of key times in games, you’ve earned a chance to strut. Three game winning goals in the playoffs so far.

Claude Julien, speaking about Recchi:

“His work ethic is second to none. Recks’ experience around the dressing room has been really useful for us this year. We do have a lot of young players, and those players have grown just by his presence. With the way he competes every night, you can’t ask for a better example. He’s played well. He’s played hard. And like I said, he doesn’t look like a 42-year-old. He looks like a veteran, but a young veteran.”

About Satan:

“From day one, he’s just been getting better and better… you could see that this guy has experience and he has experience in big games as well as part of the Stanley Cup team last year. He’s been through those situations. He’s very calm, he’s poised, very good with the puck, seems to have good chemistry with Krejci. He’s been a real good addition. He’s just stepped in and done a tremendous job.”

The stats line for the two up to this point.

  • Mark Recchi – 4 goals, 3 assists, 7 points, +1
  • Miroslav Satan – 5 goals, 5 assist, 10 points +5
  • They’re both averaging almost 20 minutes a night on the ice. Both are key elements of the power play. Recchi is now killing penalties because of the injury to Marco Sturm. It is truly amazing to see the way these two have contributed in a season that, I think I can safely say, a lot of experts probably thought they would have little or no impact at one last stop on their way out of the league entirely.

    The Boston Bruins and their fans are quite happy that’s not the case right now.


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