Did Savard Bite Carcillo?


marc savard bites daniel carcillo

That’s certainly seems to be what Dan Carcillo is saying. You could see him waving his finger at the refs and showing it to his teammates and a Versus replay shows him mouthing the words “He bit my finger!” after a second period scrum between he and Marc Savard.

It will be interesting to see post-game comments on the subject from players, coaches and officials. Notably, of course, from alleged biter Marc Savard and alleged bitee Daniel Carcillo.

Meanwhile, the Bruins take another chunk out of the Flyers in terms of the series, winning it on a late goal by Milan Lucic. 2-0 Bruins in the series.



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12 Responses to “Did Savard Bite Carcillo?”

  1. nightfly Says:

    I direct your attention to today’s excellent Down Goes Brown post on the topic.

    You’re welcome!

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    I think my favorite part might be reading the comments section afterwards. That’s what I like about people from Philadelphia. The misspellings, the bad grammar. Blustery threats and personal abuse as an argument tactic. No sense of humor. Endlessly unrealistic expectations for their perennially disappointing team.

    They just never let you down.

    Favorite response: “Why do you guys call him Car Bomb? Was Train Wreck taken? Or is that his mother’s drink of choice while she was pregnant with him? Sure would explain a lot. ”

    And thank you!

  3. nightfly Says:

    A-yep. And DGB called it in the caption to his Carcillo pic.

    I have recently participated in a lengthy discussion at Joe Posnanski’s site regarding Ryan Howard’s new contract – drawing the attention of a Philly guy who insists that he is the second-best slugger in the entire National League, behind Pujols. Some people pointed out that he’s great, but maybe not quite elite, since he hits lefties for crap and doesn’t add much defensive value. Heh, you’d think we had spray-painted a picture of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America.”

  4. Ken Socrates Says:

    Amidst all of this I found myself watching that HBO doc “Broad Street Bullies” last night and, while feeling a certain mythical nostalgia for seventies hockey, the sight of Dave Schultz with a fistful of Dale Rolfe’s hair while he bashes his face in was a frightening reminder of what Philly fans hang their hats on. I mean, I like tough hockey as much as anyone but there has to be a line somewhere this side of attempted murder.

    Let’s face it. This is a city where they need tasers to control their fans.

    ‘Nuff said.

  5. nightfly Says:

    They built a jail in the Vet for a reason.

  6. Adam Says:

    I’m a Pittsburgh fan, but I have to say that you guys from Bean Town are just kidding yourselves. How quickly you forget that Savard bit someone back in 2003, which lends credence to Carcillo’s claim. Carcillo is a big tough kid and he has some talent if he plays on a line that has some ability. Watching him play against my Pens was tough, but I can tell you this: if Shero (isn’t THAT ironic) can get a player like that to make more room on the ice for Sid and Geno, I’m absolutely on board.

    I know Philly fans are rough, but you know what? They are way more passionate and much more knowledgeable than 95% of the fans in this league. I watched a lot of that Devils series on Versus. The penalty calls on both sides were hideous. The boos came from a bunch of fans who know the game. Just to prove a point, the Devils were the least penalized team going into the playoffs yet they received an average of seven penalties a game in that series. SEVEN! The fans there knew that the screws were being applied. As much as I dislike the Flyers, their fans deserve more respect on their knowledge of the game.

    And as for Ken’s Broad Street Bullies comment: Philly and the rest of the Western Conference needed guys like that because the original six treated the rest of the league with such disrespect. It was awful, the amount of slashing, spearing, and cheap hits that went unpunished. You may be too young to remember it, but that’s the way it was. Self preservation is what forced us in the Western Conference to “goon it up”. Schultz was the most well known, but look up guys like Dave Tiger Williams and Randy Holt. Now THOSE guys were goons. And they have way more penalty records than Schultz does.

    And did you call the Flyers a “perennially disappointing team”? When was the last time you were a Cup Champ? 1972? HAHAHA! That’s the pot calling the kettle black. Be prepared for more disappointment when Sid and the boys dispatch “Jaws” and his boys in five.

  7. Ken Socrates Says:

    Kidding ourselves? We do have very well developed senses of humor around here but I’m not sure that’s what you mean in this case, Adam.

    Yes, Savard had that biting incident with Atlanta. Doesn’t mean he’s Hannibal Lecter, though. Carcillo being a) fully aware of Savard’s history and b) a proven embellisher of the facts could just as easily be making a scene to try and get Savard in trouble. Could as easily been a tactic by him than an actual attempt at a mid-game snack by Marc “The Savager” Savard.

    And just because the term “perennially disappointing” isn’t exclusive to the Flyers doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply. What have they done in the past 10 years? 20 for that matter? And trust me, no one is more aware of the Bruins drought than the “passionate and knowledgeable” fans here in Boston (we must be that other 5%) but we try to be realistic about it. The truth is you have to go back to a time when Disco Was King to find a championship for either team so comparing the two is nearly irrelevant to the discussion.

    Unless you want to talk about which team has been closer to it since that time period.

    Or which team is closer now.

    As for Sid and the boys dispatching “Jaws” in 5?

    Might want to worry about being there to do it considering it looks like it might take 7 to deal with the Montreal Men’s Skating Choir, who tied up the series at 2-2 tonight. Which would make them the second mediocre team from north of the border that Pitt had trouble handling. Them Pennies ain’t looking so shiny all of a sudden.

    Kind of bites, doesn’t it?

    • Adam Says:

      You know what bites? This does:

      I know my Pens choked, but hey, we won the Cup last year and we’ll be there again for many years to come, so I’m not too upset. But YOU guys blew a three games to none series lead… and a three goal first period lead in game seven… at home… to the Flyers.

      THAT bites.

      • Ken Socrates Says:

        Well, Adam, it takes some massive stones to come back here after the fact and rub it in like that, eh? Where were you the 12 days before that when it seemed the B’s were cruising and the Pens were taking it up the pooper from this clearly overrated Habs team? I mean, seriously. A retarded marmoset could mock the Bruins right now. Do a little better than a youtube link and a bit of Ha Ha if you want anyone to care what you say at all, brother.

        And let me get this straight. The Bruins and Penguins both lost in Seven games to lower seeded teams, the 7th and 8th respectively. But you believe it’s the Pens who will be there for many years to come besides the B’s clear edge in youthful talent, defense and goaltending and the No. 2 overall pick in the upcoming draft?


      • Adam Says:

        Ken, seriously… drafts are so unpredictable and proven results are undeniable. Sid, Geno, and the Pens have the most talented offense since Gretzky and the Oilers of the 80’s. Even the Mario Lemieux era Pens of the 90’s are no match for these guys.

        Yes, we’re going to be there for years to come. There may be bumps along the road, but we all know that the Pens are for real. The Bruins had a great record in the 08-09 season, but they followed it up with a terrible 09-10 season. No proof of excellence there.

        And whether you care about what I have to say or not doesn’t change the fact that your team crapped the bed. Brother.

      • Ken Socrates Says:

        Wait. This is getting good, now. And, yes, by the way, the Bruins crapped the bed. Pinched a steaming loaf so big the stink cloud had scientists working on the volcano in Iceland going “What the fuck? Do you smell that?” Not even a discussion point anymore. We all know it.

        However. The Pens have the most talented offense since Gretzky and the Oilers?!? That needs some debate.

        Wasn’t it Washington who scored 300 goals this year? Look at the scoring leaders this season and Crosby is right there and no one would ever deny his talent but it’s Ovechkin and Backstrom and Semin that jump out at me in the top 20. Malkin is there but if you look you’ll see that he has just one point more than Mike Green who’s a defenseman. So it’s clearly the Caps who have the dominant offense in the NHL going forward, not the Pens.

        You could argue that Malkin missed 15 games this year and, while that’s a factor, it’s not the real issue. The real issue with Pitt is depth. After Gino, the next guy on the scoring chart has a meagre 50 points and while there a couple of players who barely scraped the 20 goal mark, including Ponikarovsky who was a trade deadline import, there wasn’t much else to speak of on offense. Guerin is on his last legs, Dupuis is medicore. Jordan Staal is excellent but as a role player, really. Not as an offensive force. What else is there besides your big two?

        I think to compare this Pens team to Gretzky’s Oilers (with Messier, Kurri, Anderson, Coffey, etc.) is laughable and I think Mario and Jagr’s Penguins would blow them right out of the water on their worst day. Don’t you remember those teams? Mario, Jagr, Ronnie Francis, Larry Murphy, Rick Tocchet. Hell Shawn McEachern scored 28 goals for them one year.

        That’s what Mario did that Sid doesn’t do, though. Raise the level of the guys he plays with. Mario gets Kevin Stevens 55 goals. Who has Sidney elevated?

        And Mario scores 160 points. Or more. Hell, in 88-89 he had 85 goals 114 assists for 199 points. Sid is putting up half that. Let’s be honest. Really honest, now. Crosby is excellent but he has LIGHT YEARS to go before he can even hope to carry Mario Lemiuex’s jock. Period.

        This is a great back and forth, Adam, and I hope we can continue it. The Mario/Sid comparison is a lot of fun to look at and I might give it it’s own post or something, open it up to a wider discussion. I love a good hockey debate so let’s keep it going. Foster some genuine Bruins/Pens hatred. I’ve a feeling there’s going to be more than a few battles on the horizon between our two teams. And us, too, if you’re interested.

        It’s all good, bro.

  8. nightfly Says:

    Adam. You’ve stepped in it now, my friend. I happen to remember Randy Holt quite well.

    I also remember that my boys in Orange and Blue are 3-0 against your boys in the playoffs:

    1975’s down three games series,
    1982’s game-5 OT winner
    1993’s David ^&*^#~! Volek

    We missed you guys last decade, but things are finally looking up for us, so we’ll see each other again. Meantime, I can look to the left in my little cubicle and see the picture of captain Eddie Wastfall in the handshake line in Pittsburgh. I think Hossa’s in the background, sitting dejected against the half-boards.

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