Savard Cleared To Play


marc savard boston bruins

As hoped, Marc Savard has passed his neuro-psych tests and been medically cleared to return to NHL game action. Savard has been practicing with is teammates for a number of days now.

It remains to be seen where he will fit on the ice but it’s all but a surety he will be there when the Bruins return to action in Round 2 of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Word is, if it’s the Pens, then that series will start Friday night in Pittsburgh. If Montreal manages to upset the Caps in Game 7 of that series, then the Bruins will host the Philadelphia Flyers at TD Garden in Boston on Saturday.

It’s a tough choice for Bruins fans when it comes to who you might want to play next. On the one hand emotion dictates that a Pittsburgh series would be amazingly dramatic, rough and tumble and full of juicy subplots. Logic argues, however, that one would want to have the home ice advantage against a lower seeded team. I’m starting to think that the latter is the more desirable scenario and that we could strive for possibly seeing that Pittsburgh match-up in the Conference Finals if the team can grind out some wins against a pretty tough Philly team.

Which would put me in the foul tasting position of rooting for the Montreal Men’s Skating Choir tomorrow night. Which would be unpleasant to say the least.

You could accuse me of fence sitting right now given my waffling between the two scenarios and, judging from how sore my bum is, I wouldn’t be able to argue with you right now.

Wait. That was a TMI moment right there, wasn’t it?

I guess I’m just being cheeky, eh?


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