Worshipping Satan

miroslav satan boston bruins

Dennis Wideman Embraces A Leaping Miroslav Satan After His Game Winning Goal in Double Overtime of Game Four

What a spectacular game at the Garden tonight. It had everything. End to end action, astonishing saves, great scraps, huge hits, dramatic comebacks. A crowd on it’s feet roarin’ and rockin’ all night long. Double overtime and a fantastic goal to finish things off in favor of the Boston Bruins who take a commanding 3-1 lead in their series with the Buffalo Sabres.

We have Miroslav Satan to thank for it.

It was his power play goal at 7:41 of the second overtime that sent everyone home happy and put the Sabres on the brink of elimination. It was a sweet move on a rush up ice by the reborn Michael Ryder who set up Satan alone in the slot. The veteran goal scorer saw Ryan Miller way out of his net expecting a shot and did a casual little move to his right and slipped the puck between a defenseman’s legs into a yawning, empty net. The score came in the waning seconds of a Bruins power play that was served up on a platter by Drew Stafford and Tim Connolly who completely muffed a line change resulting in too many men on the ice.

The real blame on the goal lays at the feet of Miller, though, who had, until then, played a brilliant game in net along with his counterpart Tuukka Rask. On the winner, he came way too far out of the net and gambled everything on a shot, leaving himself exposed to a very simple deke. Maybe he figured no one on the B’s had that move in him, I don’t know. It may have cost his team the series.

Other key moments, captured in pictures.

milan lucic vs craig rivet

Milan Lucic Battles Sabres Captain Craig Rivet

patrice bergeron goal boston bruins

Patrice Bergeron Celebrates His Game Tying Goal in the Third

tuukka rask great save

Tuukka Rask Makes an Incredible Diving Save on Mike Grier

There’s almost too much to talk about with this game and I’m in a state of blissful exhaustion from watching it but it’s a good goddamned feeling, I’ll tell you. The Bruins have come back home and rocked this entire town with the way they’ve played in this series. Bruins fans are dancing in the streets on their way home tonight and for once it’s not just the booze alone. This is the kind of hockey we signed up for.

Way to make up for a rough regular season, boys. Oh, and Marc Savard is getting healthy and we’re getting a bona fide superstar in the 2010 draft.

Things are looking up, bitches.


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One Response to “Worshipping Satan”

  1. KofC Says:

    Yep, that was an amazing one. I was out the door to go to what could have been the Chicago Wolves clinching their semifinal spot, but for various reasons decided to stay in, and for once watching hockey online was better than going to a game (Wolves blew an early 3-0 lead and lost 5-4). The first double OT of the playoffs! (First Bruins multiple-OT winner since 1939, according to NHL.com.) And all the other stuff you mentioned. And Monday’s game was great, with the Boychuk hit and a fight and of course the win…

    Interesting contrast between Bruins’ struggles during the season and their play during the playoffs, and a certain other team I watch…at least I have one team I can feel good about!

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