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cody mccormick

Either the Buffalo Sabres read my last post or they’re a little tired of, and embarrassed by, the way Johnny Boychuk has almost single handedly unmanned their entire team in this series. Maybe both because they’ve reacted to the mounting pressure of being physically pounded by the Bruins by calling up AHL tough guy Cody McCormick from the Portland Pirates. McCormick goes 6’3″ 215 lbs and has racked up 168 PIMs in his first season with the Pirates, leading Sabres’ AHL affiliate in that category.

He’s been around a bit and his history as someone willing to drop the gloves is well documented but a closer look would suggest he’s not actually an outright extra from Slapshot with only 15 fights in 190 games of NHL experience with the Colorado Avalanche. However, it does appear that in recent seasons he may have figured out that, with his size and skill set, this may be his one way of sticking around in the NHL. 2009-10 was his busiest season in terms of scraps with 11. The toughest opponent I can find him throwing down with is Eric Godard, a brief set to during which he acquits himself quite well.

I think the message is clear. The Sabres didn’t call up an undersized scorer like Nathan Gerbe to replace the injured Matt Ellis, laid out by the aforementioned Boychuk last game. They reached down for someone with some size and toughness. I don’t think it’ll be any surprise if McCormick goes looking for it early tonight and he’ll have many a willing partner if the Bruins are smart. My money is on him tangling with Adam McQuaid if they come together or Shawn Thornton if that situation presents first. The Bruins just need to be wary of him tracking down Boychuk and trying to exact some revenge for Ellis and Thomas Vanek (who might play this evening). If that happens, and I think Boychuk can handle himself, I want to see an equal and immediate response. Give it right back to them.

Either way I think it plays into the Bruins hands as I mentioned earlier. The building will go off like a bomb and the B’s will respond in kind. Hopefully.

So, yeah.

Don’t go missing the first five minutes of this one, folks.


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