Come Out Fighting


I think it’s time for some scrapping tonight.

I know. You’re saying, “But, Ken. The Bruins are up 2-1 in the series and looking great. Why do they need that emotional boost right now?”

Strategy, that’s why. Tonight’s Game 4 of the Bruins-Sabres series at TD Garden is the most critical game of the series for the Bruins, I think. Up 2-1, now is exactly the time you need to take control of this series and the way to do that is come out with authority and shove some muscle into the Buffalo Sabres faces. Come out and establish some testosterone amped macho dominance right off the drop of the puck.

Why? Because it’ll do a couple of things. It’ll get the crowd right into it and make the Sabres feel the full weight of the hostile enviroment they’re in. If the building erupts and gets loud early it will only help the home team. Secondly, I truly believe the Bruins play better when they’re “awake” in a physical contest. They’re never more into a game than when there’s a brawling atmosphere. A look back at the Montreal series last year will show you that. A look at almost any game where things get nasty. The team turns it up when the going gets ugly like that.

Thus, I say, use that as a tactic to maintain momentum tonight. The game is simply too important to risk coming out flat and letting Buffalo get the edge. You can’t keep coming back against a team with goaltending that good. You have to grab the bull by the horns early and take control of the game. A few good punches in the right directions should help do just that.

So Shawn Thornton, maybe it’s time to challenge the manhood of Paul Gaustad again. Milan Lucic, maybe see if Adam Mair is interested in a rubber match. Adam McQuaid, find out if anyone over there can match the kind of balls a rookie like you is showing out there. Steve Begin, just grab anybody. You can’t let Vladimir Sobotka do all your scrapping for you. Challenge these guys and see if any of them are man enough to step up to the plate. My guess is, given where they are in the series and the way they’ve been knocked around physically, the answer will be yes.

Which will be a huge mistake for them.

But they don’t need to know that until the game is over, eh?


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