Savard On Skates, Everybody Drink!


Bit of a surprise this morning when we learned that Marc Savard has been on skates for the first time since sustaining his much discussed grade two concussion at the hands of Matt Cooke back in early March.

Savard addressed the media afterward seeming optimistic about a potential return during the playoffs, should he pass all necessary tests and be cleared by the medical staff.

“If you’re asking me that, I’d like to play tonight,” said Savard when asked if he could play in this series. “I’ve got to be realistic here and take the proper steps. I’m hopeful. I’m hopeful.”

Whether this is insane optimism or a potential reality remains to be seen. I’m thinking they don’t go and do this so publicly if there wasn’t actual hope or else they all look like fools. Of course, we all know that wouldn’t be the first time for that.

Elsewhere in Boston, today is Patriot’s Day which fearures the annual running of the Boston Marathon and a traditional 11 a.m. Red Sox game at Fenway Park. For many of the folks with the day off from work today it might as well be called Drink All Day Day. When you’re at the bar at 10 a.m., kids, you know you’re in it for the long haul.

Which should make the atmosphere at TD Garden tonight during Game 3 all the more raucous and rowdy and potentially out of control. I would not like to be an obvious Buffalo Sabres fan in Boston tonight, let me put it that way.

Now, excuse me, I need a refill.



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One Response to “Savard On Skates, Everybody Drink!”

  1. nightfly Says:

    That would be a huge boost… but he should NOT push it. Even if he’s symptom free, it’s dangerous to suffer repeated concussions and especially in a short period of time. The guy only gets one brain.

    (Of course I’m the biggest hypocrite there is about this because I’d jump over the boards on crutches in a playoff game, but there it is.)

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