Sunday Sound Off


stanley cup playoffs

Assorted nuggets and niblets on the week behind and the days ahead.

  • Thomas Vanek is doubful for tomorrow’s Game 3 of the Buffalo-Boston series at the TD Garden with a “lower body injury”. Coach Lindy Ruff seems to think he’ll play again in the series, which looks to be a long one, but one has to wonder if he could ever be anywhere near 100% if it is indeed a severe ankle sprain as suggested. What terrible news.
  • Every single series of the first round is tied at one game apiece except for Nashville-Chicago and that might only be because they haven’t played a second game yet. This means that every road team has stolen home ice advantage away from their opponent. I’m not sure this is unprecendented but it seems a little surprising. Then again, what does home ice really mean, anyway? My contention has always been that it’s a bit meaningless until you get to game seven and, if you do, it’s the high seeded team that enjoys their proper reward anyway. Stealing one of the first two isn’t a huge factor in determining who wins the series, I would guess, but I need to get off my ass and prove that with numbers, methinks.
  • Pair of Playoff Hat Tricks in the Montreal-Washington game last night, one from each team, Nicklas Backstrom and Andrei Kostitsyn respectively. It’s something that’s only happened four times before, though one of those times was last season when Oveckin and Crosby pulled it off.
  • I’m still shocked at how the Habs are hanging with the Caps in this series. Though, the answer might be found in goal in Washington where neither Jose Theodore or Sergei Varlamov seems like the answer and coach Bruce Boudreau seems dangeously indecisive.

    “I’m sure we’re still going to use both goalies,” Boudreau said. “Whether (Varlamov) plays Monday or (Theodore) plays Monday I think they’re both going to play again.”

    Yeah, right. That’s the way to handle a playoff goaltending situation when you’re the conference favorite. Howls of derisive laughter, Bruce!

  • The Blackhawks have signed National Champion Boston College right wing Ben Smith to a two year contract. I neglected to congratulate Jerry York and his Eagles when they took home the title a few weeks back but, then, I’m not a huge follower of the college game, to be honest. Still, always good to know there’s another championship team residing in town and good luck to tournament MVP Smith as he turns pro with the ‘Hawks.
  • Am I the only one who finds “The Michigan” completely boring at this point? Puck Daddy has posted yet another occurence of it happening in a game, this time in a Swiss League playoff game. Yeah, it takes some practice and then some gargantuan balls and/or ego to try it in a game but isn’t it the kind of trick circus play that sort of mocks what real hockey is all about? I’d consider making the play illegal, at least in the NHL. The second video on that page, the “dazzling assist”, is actually more impressive.
  • has listed it’s Top Rated Fights of 2009-10. As in the HGW fight video pages, the names Cam Janssen, Rick Rypien and Brad May appear frequently. Nice to see that Boston isn’t the only place where Evander Kane blasting the brains out of Matt Cooke is appreciated.
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    2 Responses to “Sunday Sound Off”

    1. nightfly Says:

      Speaking of howls of derisive laughter… do the Sharks get completely blown up if they spit the bit yet again? Granted that Craig Anderson lookes like Kung Fu Dryden at this point, but seriously… two own-goals to lose two games? It was so quick I almost missed it flipping back from the ball game.

      San Jose is going to just fire EVERYBODY if they go down here. If they give a crap, they have to. It’s completely unacceptable for them to shrug and say, “Hey, hot goalie, nothing we can do about that,” after all the years they’ve been stacked and come up empty.

    2. Ken Socrates Says:

      It’s almost unbelievable that it might happen again in round one. Surreal. As much as I make fun, I really didn’t think it possible that they could flop again this early. I like Joe Thornton. He is one of the nicest guys on the planet and is oozing talent from every unplugged orifice but unless he can somehow find the strength of 10 Grinches Plus 2 and make that playoff heart expand, he will go down in history as maybe the biggest loser the league has ever seen.

      Not that he’ll be alone on that Sharks team, either. The Bloodless Killer. And Marleau has been there longer than Joe. Management will need to go under the microscope. Ancient native american curses uncovered, etc.

      But, yeah. Blow that bitch up.

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