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boston bruins buffalo sabres game 2

So who is this Michael Ryder guy, anyway? Anyone? Some new signee I haven’t heard of? Some dude called up from the ECHL? Because he’s not bad. Scored a couple goals. Landed a few hits. Y’know, the Bruins could have used a guy like him this season. At least he’s here now, though, eh?

An excellent win for the B’s in Buffalo this afternoon to even up their best of seven first round series against the Sabres. Two goals from the aforementioned new guy Ryder, two from the big feller Zdeno Chara and an empty netter from the sturdily reliable Mark Recchi and the B’s were on their way home with a nice split of the two games up there. In fact, they played fairly well in both of them and can safely feel pretty good about themselves as they return to the TD Garden.

Maybe better if it was a place where they showed any capacity to win at recently.

But enough with the negative naybobishness. This was a good victory for a team with a lot of doubts surrounding it. Admit it, my fellow faithful and less than so, when the team was down 2-0 early, how many of you not only wrote off this game but pretty much the whole series with a sort of “Here we go again” slumping of your shoulders and a sigh? I’ll admit it. I did.

A few decent bounces later and some renewed enthusiasm from a team that suddenly remembered how to hit and score and the series take a dramatic turn for the better from a Boston perspective.

And the fact that Thomas Vanek got injured doesn’t hurt, either, does it?

No, there’s definately reason for optimism now with the team having stolen away home ice advantage and found itself a little character in the process. Ryan Miller doesn’t look so superhuman anymore and Patrick Kaleta seems more insignificant, like the annoying little gnat he really is.

On the flip side Tuukka Rask, if there were any doubts after he gave up the first two and heard the chants of the Buffalo crowd, became more solid as the game wore on and made some nice saves near the end when the team needed them most. Zdeno Chara looks like a true leader out there. So does Mark Recchi. Guys are responding. Even the new guys like Ryder.

Solid, folks. Solid all around.

Monday is looking like a lot more fun right now, isn’t it?


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