Get Used To This


When I was asked yesterday for a prediction about last night’s Bruins-Sabres game I pleaded homerism and called it for the Bruins in a tight checking game. I recall the questioner saying, “What do you think, 2-1?”

I laughed a bit and said, “Yeah, and get used to it because that’ll probably be the score of every game in the series.”

So I was half right. Last night’s game most certainly held true to form in terms of what you would expect from these two teams. Tight checking and grinding, working hard for every decent scoring chance, a little divisional bad blood and some great goaltending. The final score is something we’re likely to see again as the series. And again. Unless there’s some sort of freakish, uncharacteristic breakout, I don’t see anything other than these tight, low scoring affairs.

Which is fine, by the way. This is what playoff hockey is all about. Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins. To quote another Boston sports icon, It Is What It Is.

A few assorted thoughts on this and other opening games.

David Krejci has got to produce. As the number one offensive weapon the Bruins have, he’s got to find ways to break through, the same way Thomas Vanek is doing for the Sabres. I know the checking will be tight but you’ve got to get chances and, when you get the power play, go to it like your hair’s on fire. One shot on goal isn’t good enough.

More hitting. More and more and more. 25 hits is a bit weak for a playoff hockey game, not when 5 of them belong to Steve Begin alone. A number of players posted goose eggs in the hit column. Patrice Bergeron, Blake Wheeler, Matt Hunwick, Sobotka, Sturm and Wideman. How you can go an entire playoff game on not throw a hit is beyond me. More is needed in that department, obviously.

Speaking of goose eggs. How does Alex Ovechkin go an entire game without landing a shot on net? This astonishes me. From the little I saw of that Caps-Habs game, it looked like Ovvie might be pulling the same weak, disappearing act he did for Team Russia against the Canadians at the Olympics. Please don’t tell me this will be the upset of round one. You’ve already blown my prediction for a Caps sweep out of the water, let’s not make it any more embarrassing than that.

Of course, another 8 beat a 1 but in this case, with Edmonton upsetting San Jose, it’s not all that surprising, really. Joe Thornton, this is your Hockey Soul calling. I’m on my last legs here and we need to do something now or I’m going to shrivel up and blow away in a light, coastal breeze and be gone forever. Please.

This Throw The Snake thing has got to end quickly. I’m sorry Phoenix, I know you want to join the party and you’re trying real hard, but it’s just weak and, if you’re going to do it, you can’t just toss a six inch garter snake out there. You need to get a friggin’ anaconda out on that ice if you want to impress me. The guy who sneaks a 12 footer into the arena and heaves that beast over the glass? Total respect, dude.


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One Response to “Get Used To This”

  1. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    I’m with ya here Ken. Well, except for…..

    EDMONTON??????? Number one draft pick EDMONTON? C’mon Ken. I know the drugs get to ya now and then, but for Christ’s sake, get your hockey shit together.

    COLORADO beat The Sharks. Another great grinding game just like your B’s and Buffalo. And they get it on again tonight.

    Don’t make me come out there and beat it into ya.

    Barbarian Hockey!!!!

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