Sunday Round Up

zach hamill boston bruins

Zach Hamill In His First NHL Game

Well, it’s the last day of the 2009-10 Regular Season and things have been nothing if not interesting up to this point so why should it not continue today? The Bruins are in Washington playing what should be a meaningless game and, instead, it’s been emotional and exciting. The B’s have called up former no. 1 draft pick and perennial prospect Zach Hamill and the youngster has picked up his first NHL point on an early goal by Michael Ryder. Ryder, now that the game is meaningless, has seemingly rediscovered his scoring touch, adding another before the end of the 1st.

Adding to the emotion, Tim Thomas, starting in net as Tuukka Rask rests up for the playoff run, takes out his frustrations from giving up a weak goal to Alexander Semin by pounding his blocker into the face of Jason Chimera when he showed a bit of disregard for the ‘tender when crashing the net. On top of that, the Caps are relentlessly feeding Ovechkin to try to get him the Richard and Ross trophies. Currently he stands tied with Steven Stamkos at 50 for the lead in goals and 3 points behind Henrik Sedin’s 112 for the overall scoring lead.

So, for a supposed meaningless tune up before the post-season, this one has been a bit of fun.

Elsewhere, all eyes are going to be on the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia this afternoon at 3 p.m. when the last playoff spot of the season will be decided in a fantastic, last minute, win-or-go-home contest between the Rangers and Flyers. A great way for the NHL to start it’s post-season, really, with a dramatic, juicy match up like this with everything on the line. So, do you think they’re showing it on NBC? No. How about Versus, where it could get a decent little audience? Nope. It’s goingto be on the NHL Network, where only the die-hards will be able to find and enjoy it. Another example of the NHL’s feeble abilities to market itself and grow it’s audience. Great opportunity missed again.

Other tidbits.

The Ottawa Senators will be without the services of Alexei Kovalev when they face the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round of the playoffs. He’s going to need surgery on a torn ACL and will require 3-4 months to recover.

Two American greats appear to be ready to hang up the skates on their NHL careers as Keith Tkachuk, who announced his retirement during this past week, and Mike Modano, who had an emotional couple of games, first in the Dallas Stars final home game and then again in Minnesota in the season finale, where fans paid tribute to him with numerous standing ovations. Modano even skated afterwards in an old Northstars uniform, waving to the crowd, overcome with emotion.

mike modano northstars uniform

Mike Modano: Saying Goodbye?

The grass roots campaign to get Pat Burns elected to the NHL Hall of Fame while he is still around to appreciate it continues to gain steam with over 61,000 folks now on board. Burns, as we all know, is in gradually failing health due to numerous bouts with cancer and was recently released from the hospital after suffering from pneumonia and is resting at his home in Florida. Whether this feat can be accomplished while he remains with us, I have no idea, but I urge all of you reading this to join in.


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3 Responses to “Sunday Round Up”

  1. nightfly Says:

    I’m amazed you haven’t seen this. Either it deserves its own post, or its own internet:

    Evander Kane smooshes Matt Cooke

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    My God, ‘fly. You’re right. How the hell did I miss that? Too wrapped up in playoff races and point totals. I missed the important stuff.

    Pure comedy gold. You’ve gone and made my day. My week.

    Lemme highlight that thing appropriately.

  3. KofC Says:

    Hey…last night I was going to comment on your “Short and sweet” post that Kane-Cooke fits that description too, but I assumed you’d seen it already. Nothing in 2010 has made the rounds on Twitter (from fans of all NHL teams) like that did!

    This was a fantastic weekend to be a Bruins fan…3 of 4 points in DC this month?!

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