Shoot To Thrill


flyers rangers shoot out

Well, it finally happened, folks. The shoot-out decided an NHL playoff berth.

I know, I know. It has been ever since it was adopted as a method of deciding regular season games but, you must admit, until today it had always been a little more abstract. Today, as the Philadelphia Flyers beat the New York Rangers 2-1 in that fashion, it was illustrated for us in the most dramatic fashion possible.

Now, the debate will surely become even more fiery. Should this be the way someone’s NHL season should end?

For opponents, it’s probably the clearest example of why a specialty skill event normally reserved for All-Star games shouldn’t be used to decide real contests that count in the standings and effect a team’s post season fate.

For proponents, it might also be Exhibit A because it was as about as tense, edge-of-your-seat, exciting a finish to a regular season game as you’re likely to see.

For those of us who know where to find the NHL Network, that is.

Which ever way you fall, chances are you’ll be talking about it tonight and in the days to come as a serious discussion of the subject is in order.

If you’re in New York, doubly so.

Though, I suspect, your first question might be “How, in the name of fuck, did that thing end without Marian Gaborik getting a chance to shoot?”

I guess it’s because he is 2/18 all time in the shoot-out, but still. One of the leading goal scorers in the NHL? People in New York will be second guessing that, I’m sure.

Now that they have the entire off-season to do so.


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