Rangers Grab Two

daniel girardi vs scott hartnell

Daniel Girardi Musses Up Scott Hartnell's Hair in the Third

The New York Rangers refused to go quietly into that good night on Friday when the beat the Philadelphia Flyers at MSG, thus extending the drama at the bottom of the Eastern Conference playoff picture for another few days. It was an exciting game to watch with all the elements that make the NHL playoffs the most entertaining sports viewing on Earth. For my money, anyway.

What does it mean in the standings going into Saturday’s games? Take a look at where we stand.

    6th Place – Boston Bruins 80 games played, 87 points, 37 wins. Games remaining: Carolina at home today, Washington on the road tomorrow.

    7th place – Montreal Canadiens – 81 games played, 87 points, 39 wins. Game remaining: Toronto at home tonight.

    8th place – Philadelphia Flyers – 81 games played, 86 points, 40 wins. Game remaining: Rangers at home on Sunday.

    9th place – New York Rangers – 81 games played, 86 points, 38 wins. Game remaining: see above.

Fairly easy to see how it all shakes out. The Bruins can take care of business today by gaining just a single point from their afternoon game against the Carolina Hurricanes at TD Garden. With a win and a Montreal loss they could secure 6th place in the division. Should that happen the Flyers-Rangers game tomorrow will decide that last spot in a glorious one and done scenario where the winner of the contest moves on and the loser goes home, with a slim, outside chance that Montreal could get bounced if both teams take home points.

The scenario gets a bit more muddled if the B’s lose today. Then the game at Washington becomes gigantic and we get into tie-breakers and what not. For today, it falls upon the B’s to get it done on their own, in their own building. After that, we can revisit all potential scenarios.

Face-off in 20 minutes.

Damn, isn’t this fun?


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