Seidenberg Out 8 Weeks

dennis seidenberg lacerated tendon

Dennis Seidenberg: Lacerated Tendon; See You In Eight Weeks

The Boston Bruins defense corps is under siege.

The announcement this morning that Dennis Seidenberg will now miss eight weeks following sugery to repair a lacerated tendon in his left forearm confirms it. Seidenberg suffered the injury on Saturday in Toronto while falling to the ice after an end board collision with the Leafs’ Nikolai Kulemin in which Kulemin’s skate blade came up and opened up a major gash in the defenseman’s wrist. Seidenberg was actually given a two minute minor for boarding on the play but had to be released from the penalty box to have the cut tended to. He would later receive 16 stitches in a local hospital. Today we find out there was damage to a tendon that required surgery.

Not good.

We also learned today that Zdeno Chara’s nose is broken, courtesy of a high stick from Alexander Semin during Monday’s game against the Caps in Washington. Reportedly, he will still play on Thursday when the Buffalo Sabres visit Boston.

All of which is pretty devastating news considering the already beleagured condition of the Bruins’ defensive corps. Mark Stuart, as you know, is out a few weeks after having surgery on his left pinky finger in yet another example of the ongoing Pinky Problems this team has continually suffered. Also, the Perma-Injured Andrew Ference has been out since 1985 with a chronic groin problem. An issue, of course, that did not stop Peter Chiarelli from signing him to a three-year $2.75 million dollar contract extension recently.

So, in a nutshell, folks. The Boston Bruins, a team whose only strength is defense and goaltending, the only thing securing their tenuous hold on the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, will now be without 3 of their top 4 defensemen at the time when they are needed the most. Three games left and every point essential.

Not good, folks.


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