Capital Punishment


Going into Washington tonight looking for points is going to be a little like going to the Capital Building and looking for a Congressman who isn’t involved in a filthy, depraved sex scandal. You have to be realistic. The odds are stacked against you.

In fact, on only 10 occaisions have visiting teams left the Verizon Center with points and only 5 of those times have they left with an outright regulation victory, easily the best numbers in the NHL in that department. Alex Ovechkin and Co. are the toughest in the league to beat at home and that’s exactly what the Bruins need to do to keep their tenuous playoff dreams alive.


The Caps are a phenomenal team overall. They’ve reached the impressive 300 goal plateau, the first team to do it since the 2005-06 Ottawa Senators, and still have 4 games remaining to surpass the 314 that team posted. I do believe you’d have to go back to the mid-90’s to find teams that have scored more. They are a remarkable offensive team, led by “Ovvie” and Nicklas Backstrom and supported by a host of complimentary talent that is truly daunting for an opposing team. If Mike Greene can score once more in the next four games, and the odds are good that he will, that will give Washington a whopping 8 players with 20+ goals.

Can you say “powerhouse”?

Their goaltending and defense are not overwhelming as default number one goalie Jose Theodore and his rather mediocre 2.85 gaa and .909 saves percentage lead the way. He does, however, have 28 wins, meaning he doesn’t need to be spectacular on a team averaging almost 4 goals per game. Which makes them the Anti-Bruins when you consider that Boston scores a lowly average 2.5 per game.

Which makes tonight’s contest a simple match up of The Best vs. The Worst in terms of NHL offense.

So you can see, it’s asking a lot to go into that building twice in the next four games and bring home the much needed points the Bruins require to stay in one of those last playoff spots in the East. Maybe asking too much. The Bruins have survived thus far on defense and goaltending but both of those, especially with injuries to Mark Stuart (definately out) and Dennis Seidenberg (possibly out), will be sorely tested in Washington tonight.

I guess it’s stand on your head time, Tuukka.

Best of luck with that.


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3 Responses to “Capital Punishment”

  1. nightfly Says:

    Even with the eleven bogus points (OTL and SOW), Washington would have 105, which is a fine overall total.

    I can’t decide if Jose Theodore is the luckiest goalie since the lockout or a legit starter, but man, what an odd career. His ’01-’02 was incredible, and his ’03-04 was very good… and then suddenly he was mediocre for years. Even his “comeback” year in Colorado, he was facing about 27 shots a game, which is only average, and well below what he saw pre-stoppage in Montreal. He gets more than that now, too.

    The most dismaying thing, I suppose, is that he’s four years younger than me, I begin to question if my NHL goaltending hopes might ever be fulfilled.

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    Not so fast, ‘fly. Get in an application with the Flyers and you might get work before the week is over.

    Washington beat Pitt last night to complete a season sweep of the defending Stanley Cup Champions. They’ve locked up the President’s. They are looking lean and mean and hungry. And talented as shit.

    Just who the Bruins want to see as a first round playoff opponenent when every single defenseman on your team is injured to one degree or another.

  3. nightfly Says:

    It’s funny you should mention the Flyers, because I hurt my knee during my game last night. I’ll fit right in!

    (I got a call from Garth Snow, too, but when I told him that my hips and groin were healthy, he hung up on me.)

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