Thrashers Might Not Suck


So, this time last year, who would have thought a Tuesday night game in Atlanta would be looming large as one of the most important match-ups of the Boston Bruins 2009-10 Playoff Push?

Well, it sure as hell is and, based on recent play, it’s becoming apparent that the Thrashers are more of a going concern to oust the B’s from that 8th Playoff Spot than the Rangers, who looked a bit flat and beaten (sort of like the Balck and Gold did on Thursday) yesterday at the Garden. Winners of 4 straight, including a weekend sweep of the Flyers has them gaining momentum and pushing their way up the standings, just one point behind the Bruins for the last playoff berth in the East.

All this after trading away their one and only superstar, Ilya Kovalchuk.

Maybe it’s the Chris Chelios Effect. I don’t know. I imagine it’s pretty damn inspirational to watch a 64 year old man play defense in the NHL. Just as long as you don’t grab the glass with his dentures in it when you want a quick swig of water between periods.

Of course, prior to the five game run that has them a point out of the playoffs, the Thrashers had lost five in a row and were sitting in 13th spot. So maybe this post shouldn’t be about how surprisingly decent Atlanta is but about how truly weak the teams are at the bottom end of the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Teams essentially lining up to be pre-dinner appetizers for the Washingtons and Pittsburghs of the world as they begin their Post Season Feasting.

In any case, it makes tomorrow night’s game a bit more interesting than the usual Boston vs. Atlanta affair, you must admit. And “a bit more interesting” is about all we can hope for around here right now.


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