21st Century Schizoid Men


Boston Bruins New York Rangers Scrum

So today against the New York Rangers at home it seems the Bruins have decided to show up and play the type of game they were supposed to on Thursday against the Penguins. A ton of hitting, in your face play, a lot of emotion and fight on display. I don’t understand the rollercoaster highs and lows this team gives us in terms of effort on the ice, I really don’t.

Of course, in response to this wonderfully scrappy play, the refs step in and start calling everything that moves and the entire first period becomes an erratic game of special teams play.

Deep sigh.

Still, hopes remain that we’ll see more of the feisty stuff in the second and third and that someone will get a chance to clean Sean Avery’s clock like you read about.


Highly entertaining, chippy game continues here with the Bruins showing some strong play. Excellent penalty killing and tight overall defense are carrying them in this one.

Aside from all the great pushing and shoving and yapping, we’ve seen a penalty shot by Daniel Paille late in the period that he failed to convert. Shortyly afterward, however, Miro Satan buried an open side shot on a great pass from Andrew Ference for a 1-0 lead.

Who is this Bruins team and where have they been all season?


Nice win for the Bruins over the Rangers when they needed it most. 2-1 the final, the game winner an improbable backhander from Dennis Wideman in the third. The schizophrenic season continues.

Guess we’ll see who shows up in Atlanta in another match up of Eastern Conference Playoff Bubble Teams as the Thrashers are now closer to the 8th spot than New York, a team who looks to be fading a bit after this one.

Onward ho.


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2 Responses to “21st Century Schizoid Men”

  1. KofC Says:

    I wish I’d been able to see the whole game–but it seems the Bruins have a better record in games I don’t see, anyway. I was impressed with the physicality, noticing how the B’s got in a lot more hits in the first. I stepped out of the room and came back to a goal. Had to rush out to see what turned out to be a great Chicago Wolves game and hoped they’d be able to keep it up. Sounds like they did–a goal by Wideman, huh?

    I’m rooting against Atlanta now, but I’ve gradually, reluctantly realized they’re a team I need to follow next year because of the connection to the Wolves (who I’m hoping to get season tickets for).

  2. nightfly Says:

    Beautiful. Nice to see them get off the mat and come out hitting. I knew there had to be some pride left in that locker room. BTW, check’s in the mail for taking down the Rags.

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