Versus Back On DirecTV


"Hi. Remember us?"

The pissing match is finally over. Earlier today, it was announced that DirecTV and Comcast have reached an agreement that has kept Versus off the satellite company’s lineup for most of the Hockey season. That ‘s good news. It was looking a might grim that the upcoming NHL playoffs would be blacked out in the more than 18-million homes of DirecTV subscribers. No worries, though, as the network was restored tonight to channel 603.

At issue was Comcast’s demand that DirecTV pay more for Versus. Rich people argue with regular folks pay the price via blackouts.

So for us DirecTV subscribers, we are assured of more Hockey. Which is always a good thing, yah?


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One Response to “Versus Back On DirecTV”

  1. Ken Socrates Says:

    It’ll all be worth it when you get to watch Mike Keenan’s between period analysis of games. There’s something strange and uncomfortable about the way he stares out at you from that set and the wooden delivery makes Keith Jones seem positively flamboyant in comparison.

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