Road Worriers


Lost amidst all the hoopla that surrounds the Bruins this week is the simple fact that they are grinding out an extremely difficult seven game road trip, which comes to a close tonight in Carolina, while trying desperately to hang on to that 8th Place spot in the Eastern Conference playoff race. Last night they fell to the Devils in Jersey 3-2 to put their record on the trip at 2-3-1. They remain just one point ahead of the 9th place New York Rangers.

A win tonight against the ‘Canes would go a long way toward maintaining a sense of hope the team needs so badly while missing their best offensive weapon, Marc Savard, during the most critical time of the season. It would bring them home with a .500 record for the journey and be a positive boost to morale going into what could become Ice Armageddon on Thursday against the Pens.

It’s not that they’ve played badly on the trip but last night’s game was a good indication to me that they just don’t have what they need to measure up against the best of the East right now. They seemed totally outclassed in the first period as the Devils ran right over them and built a 3-0 lead with seeming ease. They fought back and showed some scrap with Mark Stuart and Shawn Thornton both dropping the gloves, against Rod Pelley and Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond respectively, but I’m not sure I ever thought the outcome was in doubt.

Another thing evident in the loss is that Tuukka Rask has got to be the number one goalie for this team now. Tim Thomas struggled yet again, giving up the three in the first and replaced by Rask for the start of the second, and, with points at a premium and the home stretch upon us, there’s no more time to waste letting two goalies compete for the starting job. If Tuukka is healthy and ready to go then the job has to be his. He’s the steadier of the two and the team seems to play better in front of him almost as if they absorb some of the confidence he gives off. He was always going to be the B’s goalie of the future and the future, it seems, is now.

Look for him in net tonight in Raleigh.


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3 Responses to “Road Worriers”

  1. nightfly Says:

    Please don’t let the Rags into the playoffs. Please, please. We’ll do our best in the two games the Isles have left against NY, but we’re kind of a weak side ourselves.

    Much obliged,
    Isles Country

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    Bruins Nation would like nothing more than to give this gift you speak of to Isles Country. Of course, tonight we are in the unenviable position of having to choose between the Rags, 1 point in back of us, or the Montreal Men’s Skating Choir, 4 points ahead in the 7th slot. NY win, B’s loss, Rags leapfrog into 8th. NY win, B’s win, we stay in 8th and move just 2 points behind the Habs with games in hand. NY loss, a more secure hold on 8th. For the moment.

    Might as well just flip the Hated Rival Coin tonight.

  3. nightfly Says:

    In the good old days, these were the times you’d say, hey, they can just tie and we can pick up a point on both of them!

    Stupid Bettman.

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