Pressure Building


So begins four days of controversy and hype surrounding this Thursday’s visit to Boston by the Pittsburgh Penguins and Public Enemy No. 1 Matt Cooke. The talk around town, as you might expect, has been wild, vicious, ugly and downright inflammatory. The Bruins and all their fans not only want revenge for what was done to Marc Savard, they want the justice the NHL so absurdly refused to provide. The whole situation is building towards the sort of pressure cooker atmosphere that could easily explode in everyone’s faces in a very messy fashion.

There are an amazing number of variables adding to the white hot glare of the spotlight that will be on this game.

For example, word is both Colin Campbell and Gary Bettman will be on hand for the game. Apparently as some sort of deterrent to the whole thing going all Vince McMahon.

Are they insane? Do they really think that two guys with reputations like theirs , watery, wishy washy and wimpy, are going to scare anyone? Secondly, do they want to hear more four letter words than they ever have in their entire lives combined? Do they want to hear anatomical suggestions that would make even a US Congressman blush? Those two assholes better hope they don’t end the evening hanging from a light pole outside the arena.

Now, to balance this sort of amusingly stern reminder of NHL authority will be an even more powerful force to remind the Bruins of what needs to be done. Of how it used to be done, how it should be done. Guys who know what it means to play tough, to play it old school, to take care of your own and dole out justice with a rock steady hand and unwavering determination.

The 1970 Boston Bruins.

Yes, folks, Thursday is the night the current team and it’s fans will honour and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Stanley Cup winning 1970 team. In attendance will be:

    John Adams
    John Bucyk
    Wayne Carleton
    Gary Doak
    Jim Harrison
    Ken Hodge
    Eddie Johnston
    Bill Lesuk
    Don Marcotte
    John McKenzie
    Bobby Orr
    Derek Sanderson
    Harry Sinden
    Dallas Smith
    Rick Smith
    Frank Spring
    Fred Stanfield
    Eddie Westfall
    Barry James Wilkins

So, you tell me. Is there any way, shape or form that the current Bruins could come out in front of those guys, those legends who once wore the spoked B with such pride and dignity, who command such respect in this arena, and not defend the honour of that very same uniform? I mean, seriously, folks. Someone’s going to need to stop Derek Sanderson from going out there himself and putting a stick up under Cooke’s throat. How could you possibly play this game under such watchful eyes and not go out and stand up for that “B” on your chest?

The shame of not doing so would be too much to Bear, would it not?

So, I say to thee. Fuck the NHL Brass. Let them come. Let them bear witness to what they have created. Thursday is a night for Old Time Hockey and if anyone on this team hasn’t completely forgotten what it means to be a hockey player, it will be.

More to come on this subject, of course..

Like it or not.


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5 Responses to “Pressure Building”

  1. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    Here’s the kicker Ken. Ovechkin suspended two games for his hit on Brian Campbell. I’ve looked briefly, but could find no mention of Brian and Colin being related, but this reeks of nepotism if only because their surnames match.

    The word is that Ovechkin received his suspension because of being a repeat offender. What!? I’ve watched all three, count ’em, three, occasions that Ovie has been cited for dangerous play, and the only thing that I see there is a big kid not really aware of his own strength. Nothing that Ovechkin has ever done shows me that he was acting with malicious intent. He’s just a big guy that hasn’t realized how powerful he is. Trust me, I’m no big fan of Washington, aside from the fact that I enjoy watching them play. I’ve never caught myself actually rooting for them, so there’s no team loyalty at work here.

    Now Cooke, who in every instance of goonery that you have mentioned on this site acted with obvious malicious intent, gets nothing. I just don’t get it Ken. This is the most illogical act on Colin Campbell’s part that I’ve witnessed to date. His defense is that what Cooke did to Savard had nothing illegal in it as far as the rules go. Maybe Campbell should quit playing with himself and be a man. Do your job Colin! I mentioned before that Cooke should be strung spread-eagled in the net for the Bruins to take slapshots at his balls. Now I think the game would be better served if it was Campbell roped in the net.

    You’ve said it Ken, this could get ugly, and the mere fact that Campbell and Bettman are going to be at the game will make no difference. It’s time for a sacrifice, and I hope the B’s are up to the task. Cooke needs to taste his own blood, and Colin Campbell and Gary Bettman need to see that there are still real hockey players out there that don’t give a damn about their marketing plan, with a desire to make hockey the game that we all know and love.

    Barbarian Hockey!!!!!

  2. KofC Says:

    Ozzy: Colin Campbell’s son Gregory is with the Panthers. No relation to Brian as far as I know. I’m okay with the Ovechkin suspension but of course it burns me up that there was nothing for Cooke. Yes, their “logic” here is that Ovie boarded Campbell, which is a penalty, but the kind of shot Cooke took isn’t automatically a penalty. Yet. I’m not sure what effect the severity of the injury has (or should) in discipline. Maxime Lapierre recently got 4 games for a much less injurious hit, but I guess it had more malicious intent to it? I don’t think Ovechkin is a dirty player but he has a recklessness that has led to some nasty incidents, and I’m fine if the NHL pays attention. Still, that’s not the same “repeat offender” history as notorious players like Cooke or Downie.

    Campbell AND Bettman will be there, eh? This has nothing to do with Thurs., but I’m reminded of the time this year Bettman was at a Blackhawks game. Second City Hockey posted a photo they found of him looking like he was dozing off and captioned it “Sorry the game you govern bores you so much, asshole.”

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    It’s amazing how many years we’ve been tallking about how bad Gary Bettman is at his job, how bad he is for the sport we all love and, yet, there he sits, comfortable as ever in the position he holds. So what is it? What has he done for these owners that he retains such job security? Better yet, who is it he has compromising pictures of and what sort of farm animals were involved?

  4. nightfly Says:

    They really want to be at the Garden for this game? Really? One day after the fifty-fifth anniversary of the night Habs fans nearly burned down their own city because Clarence Campbell (that name again!) visited after suspending the Rocket?

    These people are so frickin’ clueless.

  5. Markus Bazzle Says:

    Finally, Finally…I’ve been looking for this information for a long time. Thanks

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