Cherry On Cooke; Dupes On Campbell


Couple of utterly fantastic morsels from this weekend relating to the Cooke/Savard incident and the NHL’s blundering, breathtaking lack of disciplinary fortitude on the matter.

First, from Don Cherry on Saturday’s Coach’s Corner segment, who just about makes up for his Lucic gaff by coming out so hard against Cooke and the NHL. This is some prime time stuff here.

Incredible segment. Cherry is about as spot on this time as he could be. Calling out the League for not taking action, illustrating Cookes’ history of dangerous play, laying it all out in living color for us. And I just love the image of him getting into Cooke’s face last year. Now this is Grapes at his finest.

Next bit of spot on analysis comes from the Boston Globe’s Hall of Fame hockey writer, Kevin Paul Dupont, who calls for Colin Campbell to “surrender his job or be reassigned. Today.”

He roasts Bettman alive, too, as he should.

As proud as Bettman was then, he should be equally humiliated now. Watching defenseless, victimized players get lugged out belly-up on stretchers, their brains addled, is no way to administrate a league, protect its hundreds of honest workers, face up to right-thinking fans who know the difference between tough, competitive hockey and common, cheap thuggery.

If Bettman is not vigilant, if he is not prepared to preserve the game’s integrity, then he should step down. Profit, loss, attendance levels, drug policies, franchise shifts, whatever . . . integrity of the game supersedes all of it. To ignore the health, welfare, and protection of the work force would be a shameful legacy for a league and especially its commissioner.

You go, Dupes.

Brilliant and bold and right on the money, KPD is never shy and he nails it with this article. Absolutely a must read right there.


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