Even Guerin Would’ve Suspended Cooke


The Matt Cooke incident develops a new wrinkle as former Bruin and Cooke’s own Penguin teammate, Bill Guerin, admits that head shots should be banned from league play.

“If a guy gets hurt like that with a shot to the head, there’s got to be something,” Guerin said. “Actions happen. Guys don’t mean to hurt each other, but they do. You got to pay a price for that.”

What does it mean when one of the league’s veteran players calls for blindside hits to the head to get the shitcan? It means that Colin Campbell and his wishy-washy ruling is as crazy as a soup sandwich.


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One Response to “Even Guerin Would’ve Suspended Cooke”

  1. Ken Socrates Says:

    Guerin’s a stand up guy. Former Bruin and a local product, he’s always played it tough and played by the code, I think. Answered many a bell in his day and never shy about sticking up for a teammate. I wonder if deep down he’s sickened by even having a guy like Cooke on his team.

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