No Suspension For Cooke


Marc Savard Concussion



Dysfunctional. Defective. Demented.

Pick your damned adjective. They all apply to this one.

The NHL has informed the Penguins that Matt Cooke will not be suspended by the league for his elbow to the head of the Bruins’ Marc Savard last Sunday in Pittsburgh. Savard, pictured above being carted off the ice on a stretcher, suffered a grade 2 concussion and could possibly miss the rest of the season as a result.

Thanks to the NHL and it’s watery brained upper management personnel, Matt Cooke is free to continue maiming whoever he wants on any and all NHL ice surfaces. In fact, it’s Wabbit Season now when it comes to all league stars. You hear that Tom Kostopoulos? Feel free to bring a shotgun to the rink tonight and blow the fucking beak right off of Alex Ovechkin’s face because as far as Colin Campbell is concerned, it’s all good.

Seriously, folks, this is as looney tunes as it gets.

What does a guy like Cooke, a repeat offender with a serious record of dangerous behavior, have to do to get the NHL to reprimand his actions and calm his reckless behavior down? Kill someone? I mean, let’s be honest, he almost did on Sunday.

A five game suspension? Nope. A two game suspension (like all his others)? Nyet. One game? Nuh-uh. Not a sausage.

Astonishing ignorance by Campbell, Bettman and their NHL cronies considering the fact that they’re all down in Boca Raton right now for the GM Meetings during which mandating tougher penalties against head injuries is at the very top of their agenda.

You can’t make shit like this up, people. This is the NHL. I’m not sure they’ve even found John Ziegler yet.

The end result of this, for the Boston Bruins, oddly enough could be very good or very bad. Good because they now have their chance, Thursday the 18th in Boston when the Pens come to town, to exact their own measure of justice on Matt Cooke for what he did. Sure, it’s a week and a half late but you know damn well that will be what happens. Old school, frontier justice.

The bad could be if it gets out of control like it very well could and the team gets heavily penalized, fined, suspended. The pressure and the hype surrounding the game will be psychotic. You have to understand the atmosphere here right now. Fans and media are frothing about this issue and they want blood. The team is being called on the carpet for lack of courage, for total gutlessness, and there’s no doubt they’ll hear it before the Pens game like they never have before. Something very, very ugly could indeed happen that night.

And it will be the NHL’s fault, really. You won’t reprimand this guy, you won’t take control of your game and, in fact, via the instigator rule, won’t allow guys to police themselves like has been done in the past, you set up what’s going to happen next Thursday. It’s has the potential to go completely MMA out there.

Nice job, guys. Really.

Do yourself a favor and stock a few extra stretchers for that game.

You might need ’em.


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5 Responses to “No Suspension For Cooke”

  1. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    I am so with ya on this Ken. As much as I am a fan of the physicality of hockey, I never wish severe injury on anyone. Except now. I hope the Bruins listen to the fans out here. They need to man up and handle this. I’ts almost unfortunate that they are in a playoff run, for if they weren’t it would be much easier to risk vigilanteism. Perhaps in this case the risk is worth it. I only hope they do it like men. I was livid over the whole Bertuzzi/Moore incident. I feel that if Steve Moore had delivered a cheap shot in a previous game he deserved retaliation, but not in the chicken-shit way that Bertuzzi accomplished it. I pray that the Bruins take every chance they get to get in Cooke’s face and pester the shit out of him, but do it in his face, not behind his back. I will be watching. As you say Ken, if the NHL won’t take the necessary measures, what choice is there? Barbarian Hockey at it’s finest. No holds barred, and no candy-asses.

  2. nightfly Says:

    Ozzy has a great point regarding the Bertuzzi and Moore tilt. The league had their shot to handle their shit by suspending Cooke. To do NOTHING, especially to do NOTHING in light of what happened in Vancouver, is unconscionable. As in, a firing offense if this goes sideways and Cooke is seriously injured in retaliation. Damn, the league used to have stick-swinging fights and other back-alley bullshit going down because of stuff like this. Nobody wants to see it go like that, but they’re asking for it with this kind of two-way standard, where the scumbag who started it gets off scot free but the guy who protects his teammates gets instigator penalties and ejections.

    Not only to I hope that Cooke gets pummeled, but I dearly hope that Boston comes right out and blames Campbell for making it necessary by being a gutless little puke. And if I was the team owner I’d gladly pay the fine for whoever decides to speak up about it. To give Cooke NOTHING is ridiculous. It’s like Little Bill not even whipping the cowboys in Unforgiven. Deserves got nothin’ t’do with it, Cookie boy.

  3. gonz Says:

    Going back to Edwards’ quote in the previous post, he’s right. It’s the stupid Instigator Rule that has led to this sort of crap. Nowadays, any two-bit ape can take a run at your stars. He’s said it, Grapes has said it, I’ve said it: the Instigator Rule has to go.

  4. Ken Socrates Says:

    Right, and don’t forget, Chippy McGuinness said it, too.

    You guys are dead on, all of you. Would you be my posse? I’d feel good out there if shit went down knowing I had this kind of muscle and attitude backing me up.

    Bringing up Bertuzzi/Moore is fascinating in many ways, not the least of which is that Peter Chiarelli referenced it twice himself in his weekly radio interview on a local station today when asked about Bruins‘ retribution against Cooke now that the league had dropped the ball. He refused comment on what might happen on Thursday and what he said specifically to the B’s players when he expressed his disappointment over they way they had handled it on the ice. He said there were “multi-million dollar lawsuits” out there because of that sort of thing. Does that mean the team might hold back? I doubt it but they sure as hell will be tight lipped about it beforehand.

    When asked why he thought the team attitude had changed from last year to this he just sighed and said it would take a “whole other show” to explain.

    Like the Unforgiven reference. So when Cooke and a few of his pals are lying on the ice twitching I want Shawn Thornton to turn to the Pens bench and say, “You better send Marc Savard some good coloring books or I’m going to come to Pittsburgh and kill every one of you sons of bitches..”

  5. Chris Says:

    I think it’s very interesting to see a Bruins fan up in arms about one of theirs getting injured by a dirty hit, but no mention what-so-ever when one of theirs is inches away from literally killing another play last week. Double standard? yeah

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