Matt Cooke: The NHL’s Dirtiest Player

Matt Cooke Dirty Player

Matt Cooke: Out To End Your Career

When I really started hunting around for Matt Cooke’s previous cheap shot incidents, I couldn’t believe how many I found. So many, I decided to give him his own page of infamy to try to organize and catalog the various atrocities. I gave it an appropriate name.

The Matt Cooke, You Dirty Fucker Page

On which you will find the following.

  • Matt Cooke’s elbow to the head of Boston’s Marc Savard, March 7th 2010.
  • Matt Cooke’s elbow to the head of the Ranger’s Artem Anisimov, November 28th 2009.
  • Matt Cooke’s knee-on-knee hit on Carolina’s Erik Cole, May 18th 2009.
  • Matt Cooke kicking Detroit’s Chris Osgood in the head, June 2nd 2009.
  • Matt Cooke’s hit from behind on the Oiler’s Mathieu Roy, February 16th 2008.
  • Still looking for video on his blow to the head of Carolina’s Scott Walker in January of 2009 and his spearing of the Wild’s Matt Johnson in 2004.

    Can anyone see a trend developing? Of course, the end result of all this reckless endangerment and deliberate attempts to injure? 6 games in suspensions.

    Six games over a 6 year period.

    So my question is simple. Here is a guy who has shown repeated, systematic disrespect for his fellow players in the NHL. A guy, out of mindless stupidity or deliberate viciousness, who seems to be out there trying to end people’s careers.

    What are you going to do about it, NHL?


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    3 Responses to “Matt Cooke: The NHL’s Dirtiest Player”

    1. Ken Socrates Says:

      My god, look what the Possibly Related Posts turned up. Cooke biting Arron Asham’s hand during a scrum in a Pens-Flyers game in January.

      Are you fucking kidding me? I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried at this point. Okay, I could. But I didn’t. The guy is out of control.

    2. nightfly Says:

      If you want him to get suspended, Pittsburgh has to trade him to the Islanders. Then he’d get five games for each of those.

    3. Ken Socrates Says:

      What’s the Islanders’ stance on cannibalism, though? I mean, I know there was that incident in ’82 when Bob Bourne got locked inside Nassau overnight and ate a portion of his own thigh to survive but that got sort of swept under the rug, didn’t it?

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