Lucic On Cherry


I missed this yesterday but Joe Haggerty got the first real response I’ve seen from Milan Lucic to Don Cherry’s comments about him quitting during his fight against Colton Orr last Thursday. It’s much like we postulated here at HGW after the incident.

“I value what [my teammates] have to say. When it comes from a guy like [Cherry] I don’t have to listen to it too much,” Lucic said to after scoring Boston’s first goal in a 3-2 win over the Islanders Saturday afternoon. “Halfway through the fight, [Orr] got me with a pretty good shot and ended up breaking my nose.”

“If I was going to quit like Don Cherry was saying, then I’m pretty sure I would have gone down to the ice and wouldn’t have come back into the game. I don’t know what he’s talking about with quitting. I think he needs to re-analyze things before he makes comments like that.”

“I don’t focus on what he has to say. As a player you really don’t want to focus on the negative,” said Lucic. “Everybody has got their opinion and you don’t have to value their opinion. Obviously I care more about what my teammates say after a fight like that.”

One thing wrong that statement, kiddo. To say that Cherry should re-analyze things is to suggest that he actually analyzed them in the first place. Obviously not the case.

His nose was broken. He never went down. He was still on his feet and willing to engage throughout. He never called in the linesmen or hid behind them.

He never quit.

‘Nuff said.


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