Matt Cooke Strikes Again


Marc Savard was removed on a stretcher from the 3rd period of the Bruins’ 2-1 matinee loss to the Penguins at Mellon Arena after what appeared to be a clearly deliberate and extremely dangerous blindside elbow to the head by Matt Cooke. No penalty was assessed. Savard was conscious and moving his arms but looked dazed and obviously distressed.

The replay clearly showed Cooke delivering the offending blow with intent.

It’s not his first offense in this area, either. Just last November 28th Cooke did exactly the same thing to Artem Anisimov of the Rangers and got two games. In January of ’09 he hit the ‘Canes Scott Walker in the head and got a 2-game suspension, as well. In 2004, then with the Canucks, he was given two games for spearing Wild’s Matt Johnson. Then there was the knee-on-knee incident that injured Carolina’s Erik Cole last May that went unpunished. Quite a record the guy is building up, don’t you think?

All two game suspensions.

Again, the matter falls to the NHL and it’s stance on discipline. This is a repeat offender who has, up to this point, gotten little more than a slap on the wrist for his actions.

The result, now? He’s taken out one of the game’s stars, a player who’s a key component to his team’s playoff chances, and possibly put the man’s season and, in the case of post-concussion issues, career at risk.

Pretty unforgivable. We’re talking about a multiple offender here, someone who just hasn’t learned to respect his opponents and the game he plays. A dangerous person to have on the ice if he can’t control himself like that. Something serious is going to have to happen in terms of discipline and one would think the Bruins (and HGW for sure) will be spearheading the cause to have the Hammer of Justice come down on Cooke’s head.

Just like his elbow did on Savard’s.

Video now available.

More soon; opinion, reaction from the Bruins and others and a report of Savard’s condition. It doesn’t look good. Stay tuned.

Update: Savard definately has a concussion.

Claude Julien:

“That was probably the classic blindside hit to the head, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to get rid of,” said a visibly angry B’s coach Claude Julien. “A guy like that has to be suspended. We have a player who has a concussion, who’s our best player, and he’s going to be out for a while.”


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7 Responses to “Matt Cooke Strikes Again”

  1. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    I say a fitting punishment would be to strap Cooke spread-eagled in the net and let Chara take slapshots at his gonads.

  2. KofC Says:

    That was horrifying. I appreciate the page for Cooke, sorry he’s done enough to get one. From reading Twitter and various blogs I see very few people defending him, at least. Some debate amongst Bruins fans (on the Globe and elsewhere) about if they should have retaliated in the game. I wouldn’t have minded seeing that, but I didn’t think that was realistic in the last 5 minutes of a game they could still tie/win and given where they are in the standings.

    And you just posted about Boogard…I think the league is supposed to have a big discussion on this this week? I’m as cynical as everyone about what might result…

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    The Bruins will retaliate. They needed the 2 points badly and they know they’ll see Cooke and the Pens again on the 18th here in Boston. You really needed to see the replay to see how deliberate the hit was, how dirty it really was. Now that they have, expect Cooke to have to answer the bell properly at the Garden.

    I think the league has no choice but to hand down a suspension. I guess what’s absurd, in this case, as well as Boogaard’s hits, is that it takes until something major, something dramatic happens until they react. A clear pattern of behavior like this is all but ignored.

    Until it’s too late.

  4. nightfly Says:

    I hoope Looch and Thornton knock his block off. That was ugly. The refs have got to coordinate better on who has the puck and who watches behind the play.

  5. Ken Socrates Says:

    I’m at the point, the more I see the video and think about it, that it needs to be more than just someone calling the guy out and having him drop ’em and then it’s done, a la Ryan Callahan for the Anisimov thing. I’m thinking he needs repeated beatings and, more than that, a certain fresh faced young Canadian Gold Medal winner needs to have eyes in the back of his head that night. Right or wrong, there’s something to be said about frontier justice.

    Back in the day, there was a reason you didn’t target a team’s star. Because it put a bullseye on your’s.

    Maybe that’s what’ll get through to Cooke.

    That or electro-shock. I can’t decide which right now.

  6. brokenbrilliant Says:

    That’s just plain stupid. And dangerous. And ignorant.

    And it ticks me off.

    Can we have our game back, please?

  7. edocol Says:

    Cooke is a douchebag.

    He’ll turtle the moment anyone comes near him in the next Boston game, he simply doesn’t have the guts to fight like a man. I think he learned that from Bertuzzi while in Vancouver.

    Heck, it’s open season on Crosby or anyone else after the non-suspension of Cooke. Colin Campbell blew this one for sure.

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