Happy Now, Grapes?


You wanted Milan Lucic on his shield and now he’s wearing one.

Milan Lucic Face Shield

Milan Lucic Sporting His New Face Shield

Which would suggest he had his nose broken in that fight with Colton Orr the other night. Would that maybe make you reconsider your idiotic comments? Maybe feel a little guilty about ripping the kid like that?

Probably not.

Bruins up early on the Island, 1-0 on a goal by…

Milan Lucic.

Way to show ’em, kid.


Bruins now up 3-1 on goals by David Krejci and Marc Savard but Michael Ryder has just been ejected from the game and given a 5 minute major for a hit from behind on Blake Comeau. It wasn’t vicious but Ryder did drive him into the boards when Comeau was in a vulnerable position and more, seemed to take a peek a who it was, maybe noting how Comeau had been throwing his body around quite a bit earlier in the game.

Bruins in the process of killing it off as the second period comes to an end.

Final on Long Island, Bruins win 3-2. Not an awe-inspiring performance but certainly a good little road win and two points the B’s need to stay in the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

Dennis Seidenberg is a better defenseman than I had realized, I must be honest. He does indeed compliment Zdeno Chara’s play more than other’s he’s been paired with. His play, and the seeming resurgence of Miroslav Satan have boosted the team in the last two games for certain. If it can continue, and others start to catch the fever, perhaps there’s hope here aftr all.

Best not to get too excited just yet.


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