NHL Trading Post: Tuesday


Welcome to Day Two.

Day One was rather underwhelming, I must admit. It was exciting to jump into the waters and start looking at possibilities but the actual action was a lot less than I would have anticipated. I really believed there had been more deals essentially finalized over the break just waiting to be announced. Perhaps GM’s got too caught up in all the Olympic drama and put things on hold. We all know how much they love Curling.

Hopefully it picks up today but the real possibility is that, like every year, the real mountain of deals will go down just before the deadline tomorrow providing a glorious amount of chaos in that 2-3 p.m. hour.

In the realm of rumour, there are reports the Flyers are hot for Preds d-man Dan Hamhuis and that the price might be Ryan Parent. Hamhuis is someone I also thought to be on the Bruins’ radar so we’ll have to see how that develops.

Schizophrenia in Calgary where Jay Bouwmeester is headed everywhere while GM Daryl Sutter says he’s not making any moves.

Tomas Kaberle decides to stay put.

  • Big boned defenseman Andy Sutton heading from the Islanders to Ottawa for yet another 2nd round hot potato.
  • Okay, so the Bruins have actually made two small moves. First off, acquiring University of Michigan defenseman Steve Kampfer from Anaheim for a conditional 4th round draft pick.
  • Then, in a trade of players who have spent this season shuttling between the ECHL and the AHL, the B’s send winger Matt Marquardt to Edmonton for defenseman Cody Wild.
  • Minor deals in every sense of the word. Kampfer might be the slightly more interesting of the two, if only because when you look around for info on him the first things you run into are two different assault stories in which he was the victim. Ouch.

    That Peter Chiarelli is bolstering the defense corps of the Providence Bruins is fine but folks here are certainly waiting to hear bigger things I do believe. Wild, by the way, is a product of Providence College so a joyous homecoming it shall be.

    Moments ago, on NESN’s B’s-Habs pre-game show, Chiarelli seemed to express an amount of frustration with the way deadline talks have been going. He stated an opinion that the break did not help instigate deals because there was too much time to talk and trades could not gain momentum. He made note of how difficult it is to add scoring to your roster at the deadline saying, in an almost downcast manner, “I’d like to add a top nine forward. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do that.”

    Not exactly dream-inspiring sentiment for your black and gold fan base, Pete.

  • Another former Bruin on the move as the Blackhawks pick up Nick Boynton from the Ducks for future considerations.
  • Always like Nick Boynton. Team guy, great sense of toughness and the code, knowing when to pick a spot and defend a teammate. His career probably hasn’t been what he would have hoped as he certainly never found the offense in the NHL that he showed in junior. Still, not a bad defenseman and a guy you’d want on your team. A bit sad seeing him toiling in the AHL as the Hawks assign him to Rockford.

    Especially when you see that 48 year old Chris Chelios has signed with Atlanta in today’s most brow furrowing moment of puzzlement for sure. I don’t know. If he plays a single game in the league before the season’s end, does that officially make Atlanta an IHL team in disguise or what?

  • Penguins pick up LW Alex Ponikarovsky from the Leafs for LW Luca Caputi and D Martin Skoula.
  • Pittsburgh is looking better and better for a repeat going forward.


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    5 Responses to “NHL Trading Post: Tuesday”

    1. nightfly Says:

      Why would the Flames have invested in Bowie and then re-signed him if they were just going to auction him off like some cheap second-hand VHS tapes? That’s right, they probably wouldn’t. No surprise, therefore, that the Toronto Sun decides to run a story about how Bowie is allegedly being dealt to half the leagues in North America, including the mandatory “He could be a Maple Leaf, eh?” nod to keep their fans from burning down the arena, preferably with Jason Blake still inside.

      BTW, if you guys don’t get Hamhuis, we can give you Andy Sutton on the relative cheap. We just can’t have enough second round picks! Second round picks! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    2. nightfly Says:

      Oh… wooooops, they dealt Sutts to Ottawa for San Jose’s two. Now we both feel sad.

    3. Ken Socrates Says:

      Heh. I probably should have written “Schizophrenia in the Toronto Sun.”

      The second rounders are flying around the league like frisbees right now, aren’t they? I guess the draft isn’t so deep you wouldn’t want to drop the 31st-60th overall on a dime-a-dozen blueliner because that seems to be the overwhelming trend at the moment.

      The B’s are trying to be different, I guess. They laid down a conditional 4th rounder for University of Michigan d-man Steve Kampfer, an unsigned Anaheim draftee. Whooeeee!

    4. nightfly Says:

      Heheheh… funny thing about all these picks – they look like absolute gold when they’re just numbers. Let’s say that the Bruins were intrigued by Kampfer and offered that conditional fourth to Anaheim, but the Ducks waited until draft day and saw who, exactly, the pick turned out to be. Last year, that pick, 112 overall, turned into a guy named Lane MacDermid. Googling Lane MacDermid returns his bio at hockeyfights.com as the top link.

      Would they still do it?

      Now, as luck would have it, the Ducks drafted 112th overall in 2006 and turned that into Matt Beleskey, currently in the league, and while he’s not exactly tearing it up, that he made it and is reasonably productive in his role is cause for celebration for a fourth-rounder. Boston’s conditional fourth is likely to be a bit higher (not terribly important down here but it’s something).

    5. Ken Socrates Says:

      Yeah, Lane gets his share of pub right here, too. We all have our skill set. In the case of Kampfer, I would expect the “condition” is that the B’s can work out a contract with the kid. Bottom line, I guess it’s what we can call a Zero Risk, Mediocre Gain scenario.

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