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I think the looming trade deadline is going to force a rather abrubt transition from Olympic hockey back to the regular NHL season, here. The good news is the deadline and the push to the stretch run may provide enough interesting stories and meaningful games that the NHL may actually be able to ride whatever bump they get in recognition from a fantastic finale to the men’s tournament into some improved viewing numbers for the finish to the 2009-2010 season.


One thing is certain. People are talking about hockey this morning and that’s a good thing.

From a Bruins perspective, the names I’ve seen floated have been underwhelming. It’s no secret that the team is looking for two specific things: a scoring winger and a decent defenseman. So far the only noodlings have been Teemu Selanne and Ray Whitney up front and Dan Hamhius on defense.

I don’t know where the names are coming from other than general speculation but there was a definate feeling, based on Peter Chiarelli’s interview on 98.5 The Sports Hub last week, that a deal or two had already been negotiated over the break and could be announced quickly after the Olympic roster freeze (which ended at midnight last night).

I would actually not be surprised to hear something announced today and it should be noted that the team has moved it’s practice to TD Garden where, should the need arise, a larger contigent of media could be accommodated than their regular practice facility in Wilmington.

Trade deadline is 3 pm Wednesday.

Check back frequently as we plan to update things here pretty actively as it all unfolds.


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