Oh. Canada.


Not much to say after the close of that one, really. Or, more accurately, not much that I want to say. Feeling a bit too exhausted by the whole experience to put together much perspective, at least in written form. I found myself heavily emotionally invested in this US squad by the time this tournament rolled to a close. I couldn’t help myself. Right now it just feels deflating and I think some reflection is in order before a proper wrap.

In the end, Team Canada and the country they represented, had their Moment. I cannot begrudge them that, at this point. Let’s just hope some hefty measure of respect will be given to a feisty, hard working USA team that were the real reason this tournament became so compelling. To give the favorites a game like that today, they earned it.

Applause all around.

Now, can a brother get a hockey fight please?


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3 Responses to “Oh. Canada.”

  1. KofC Says:

    I got caught up in this more than I expected–I find myself torn on the amateurs vs NHLers in the Olympics issue given how exciting this was…I’m surprised how sad I felt when USA lost…maybe because it looked like some of the players were holding back tears, too.

    Oh well, I need some time to relax, too, and to cry in my maple syrup sundae. Which I will post a photo of, of course.

    Back to the NHL! But I caught two of the best AHL games I’ve seen all season during the break, including a game in Rockford last night. Not to make you jealous, but that one probably had the two roughest fights I witnessed all year…they had to scrape blood off the ice in the first one.

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    It’s the maple syrup sundae that’s making me jealous, K. I’m on a diet and all I have in the house to comfort me is Light & Fit yogurt.

    Emotional eating is my curse.

  3. KofC Says:

    Well, I had more than I should, it was my dinner (along with beer). I’ve developed terrible eating habits during hockey season and it’s not even playoffs, I’d better turn this around!

    My friend who was the ride to Rockford posted her photos (I had a better seat, but she has a better camera) and the fight ones are good…Mitch Love = great hockey name.

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