13 Minute Game


USA Beats Finland

This one was over quickly, wasn’t it?

13 minutes in the Americans were up 6-0 and the Finns were mailing it in and this game was, for all intents and purposes, a wrap.

As blown away as I was watching Canada come out and (euro)trash the Russians on Wednesday, Team USA’s onslaught against Team Finland today was even more impressive, I think. They were focused on their game, intense, driven.

Exactly what you need to get to a Gold Medal Game.

What happened to Miikka Kiprusoff, I have no idea. The last time I saw a goaltender essentially pull himself from a game was Patrick Roy’s blow-up against Detroit that signaled his final days in Montreal.

Tonight, Team Canada goes up against Zdeno Chara and the upstart Slovaks in what is surely looking like the better of the two contests played today. If Canada can pull it out we’re on course for an epic rematch on Sunday.

USA vs. Canada.

This time, it’s personal.


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3 Responses to “13 Minute Game”

  1. KofC Says:

    Tonight’s game did end up being more exciting. I wanted the US-CAN matchup, but I’m so glad Slovakia finally showed up and scared the Canadians. Would have been some heart attacks if it went to OT.

    Oh, and I missed all the fun in the US game, due to various stupid computer/TV problems. I was amazed reading the score online and I made it to a bar just in time for the start of the 2nd, but of course all the US’s scoring was long over by then.

    You know, I should put some stuff about the Olympics on my own blog…especially since I ended up getting into it more than I thought I would.

  2. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    I pretty much lost all interest in the Olympics except for hockey and curling after about day 3. We must be balancing each other out on this one Ken. The USA vs Canada Gold Medal Game is definitely going to be the highlight for me, as long as it’s a game and not a blowout for one side or the other. Hopefully both teams show up and put on their best game. Gin and tonics, three flavors of chicken wings hot off the grill, and gold medal hockey. It don’t get any better than this. Unless USA sends those Crying Canucks back home with their tails between their legs. BARBARIAN HOCKEY FOREVER!!!!

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    It was good, Ozzy. Edge of your seat, gimme a shot of Glenlivet good. Just not the result we hoped for.

    Three flavors of wings? You just won the Gold for Most Interesting Smelling Farts of the 2010 Games right there.

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