Hey Gonz


At the risk of initiating what might be a very intense case of Blog Stalking, I feel I must share this one with you, old friend. After all, what are the two things on this earth that warm your blood the most?

The Cincinnati Cyclones and Redheads.

And K, I apologize in advance for unleashing this upon you but always remember, if he gets out of hand, we have ways of keeping our people in line over here. You don’t want to know the details but let’s just say it involves 3 a.m. raids, PVC piping, badminton rackets and astonishing amounts of duct tape. Trust me, it’s the sort of thing that would make the bar soap code red in Full Metal Jacket look like a tickle attack with a feather duster.

Anyway, you, um, pick up any Providence Bruins hats while you were down there?

Just asking.


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3 Responses to “Hey Gonz”

  1. KofC Says:

    Heh…I remembered Gonz wrote about the Cyclones. I’d see them again if I get another cheap Megabus trip; I’d like to see them win–it just looked like an off night.

    P-Bruins hats: sad story. I really wanted one, and in fact one of the big things I looked forward to at the game was buying a yellow, or striped hat, but they only had black ones with a tiny logo. Half the crowd seemed to be in striped hats, which either they’ve sold out, of or those are ones given away with ticket packs. I still don’t have a Boston hat either! Or a Blackhawks hat besides a free one.

    I may have to post a photo with the Bruins/Lucic shoulder bag I picked up on the trip…

  2. Gonz Says:

    Oh, please, K, you think that logo is ugly? Did you not see the logo they saddled their first ECHL franchise with?

  3. KofC Says:

    Well, I was referencing the Bush League Factor’s review…in which he discussed the failings of the previous logos. I’d have to say of all of them I like the current one the best, which is why I didn’t mind getting a hat! It’s much better than, say, the Rockford IceHogs (I’m probably supposed to support them as the Hawks farm team but yikes that’s awful).

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