The Battle of HGW


Milan Lucic Fights Jared Boll

In this corner, Ken Socrates and the Boston Bruins.

In that corner, Gonz and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Let the games begin!

Excellently entertaining match so far with both teams scoring goals and the game tied 1-1 after one period. Monster of a fight between Milan Lucic and Jared Boll with Boll maybe having the edge. You have no idea how hard that is for me to say.

B’s goal, Michael Ryder, CBJ goal the recently acquired Chris Clark.

Some great feistiness being showed by both teams.


2-1 B’s after 2.

The texts are flying fast and furious between Gonz an I as he tries to catch up, watching the game a little behind on DVR.

Nice goal by Bergeron and one disallowed by the refs on CBJ’s Vermette, who kicked it in.

Gonz: “So y’think Wideman needs to get that curse lifted off him?”

Mike MIlbury is right now defending the beleaguered B’s defenseman, who’s struggles continue, reprimanding the fans for raining down the boos on him. While I seee how poorly he’s played I don’t think any of that will help, nor will Julien’s public remarks on the subject. Dennis Wideman is not the sort of player who is going to handle that level of pressure very well, trust me. He’s not going to play better under that spotlight, he’s going to play worse.

You’re seeing the proof of that tonight.

Well, a pretty ugly ending from a Bruins perspective. Give up the lead in the third, as Antoine Vermette gets back his soccer goal, and then lose it late on a phantom four minute high sticking penalty to Milan Lucic on a play where Anton Stralman’s stick nails Derek Brassard in the face and the refs call it on Looch.

Then it’s that exact same stick that fires the shot that becomes R.J. Umberger’s PP game winner.

Not quite what I would call Justice but, then again, the Bruins did little to earn a victory in the third. If not for a couple of hit posts by CBJ the poor call would have had no bearing on the game and the Jackets would have won it going away.

Battle of HGW, January 2010 Winner: Columbus Blue Jackets 3-2.


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4 Responses to “The Battle of HGW”

  1. Gonz Says:

    The Jackets stole two points and the game tonight. Yowzers. Even I’m embarrassed by that. The officiating was quite noticeable tonight, especially since one of them kept getting in the way of the puck.

    But like Milbury said, the Bruins let themselves get into that position. At least, the Jackets aren’t a division opponent. But the B’s needed those two points. Especially on a night where Philly and Ottawa won.

  2. KofC Says:

    Man, that was sad to watch. I wasn’t watching closely enough during the bad call at the end, but I’m sure people will be have the video clip up to debate it. At least I saw Looch fight again. Both teams really needed the points with all the losses recently…of course I’d prefer the B’s get this one.

    This has been a discouraging week–seeing the Bruins and Hawks play so lousy and both get beaten badly by the Senators in two consecutive days? Ugh.

    I don’t want to comment much on the Hawks-Flames game going on right now, except that I’m amazed there were no goals or fights the first period. I predicted, like, 4 fights, which probably will somehow mean there won’t be any in this game!

  3. Gonz Says:

    As I posted on the gameday thread on the HFBoards Jackets section, my three stars tonight were:

    1. Stralman’s stick.
    2. Brassard’s theatrics.
    3. Myopic refereeing.

    And who had the most blocked shots? Boston, Columbus, or the ref?

  4. Ken Socrates Says:

    I’d love to have a solid opinion on what’s wrong with the Bruins but I’m finding myself at a loss. CBJ came in and put up a great fight but, let’s be honest, this is not a team you should be losing to at home. Where’s the closer mentality on this team, the smell blood and step on their throats mentality? Do they play scared in the third, afraid to give it up? They’ve lost so many 3rd period leads this season it makes you wonder.

    I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve had it with the musical chairs lines. These guys have no idea one night to the next who they’ll be skating with, whether they’re a left wing, right wing or center. Sure, some of it is due to injury but most of it is Julien’s relentless tinkering.

    It’s officially frustration time and tomorrow’s matinee against Ottawa is now a huge game for this team. Here’s hoping they show up for it.

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