In The Wee Hours


Pretty great night of hockey provided by the Bruins tonight in San Jose as they squeeze out a 2-1 shoot-out victory over the NHL leading Sharks thanks to a blazing slap shot from Zdeno Chara who gunned one past Evgeni Nabokov in the 4th round.

Tim Thomas was spectacular all night.

Fairly improbably win given the savage depletion of the B’s line-up now that David Krejci is out with an undisclosed injury sustained in last night’s loss in Anaheim. That leaves the team without all of it’s top three centers, Savard, Bergeron and now Krejci. No team is going to fare well in that sort of situation. Not when your ice time leaders at forward are Mark Recchi and Miroslav Satan.

Thus, the gritty nature of this sort of win is that much more satisfying. Fantastic HD signal from San Jose, by the way. Anaheim’s broadcast was utterly miserable, I must say, poorly lit and poorly filmed but this one was crystal clear, like you were in the building.

Ah, there’s nothing like late night hockey, I tell you.

Good for the soul.


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One Response to “In The Wee Hours”

  1. KofC Says:

    I don’t mind late night games (they’re not as late in the Midwest) except it keeps me from blogging till really late. And I have mixed luck finding feeds of Bruins games, but tonight I got NESN. I’m still watching it! (Oops, now an infomercial just came on.)

    I predicted the Bruins would win or at least get a point against the Sharks, but of course I didn’t blog that anywhere so people would be impressed at my prescience. And another Hawks win (shutout!) too after that horrifying 2-game losing streak (there’s a little sarcasm in my tone).

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