Goin’ Out West


Where the wind blows tall.

The first of three West Coast road games for the Bruins happens tonight in Anaheim. Tomorrow they’re in San Jose, Saturday in Los Angeles. None of the three are easy games, though the Ducks have been a bit of a middling team so far this season, sitting at the moment in 12th place in the conference. Of course, in the ever tumultuous West that means you’re only six points out of a playoff spot.

Of course, no games are easy these days for the hurting B’s, let alone games played three hours and 3000 miles west of where your home rink is. The Sharks are regular season killers once again this season, priming themselves for a truly spectacular first round loss to , well, probably Anaheim again who will sneak into that last playoff spot on the final day of the season. The Kings, for now, are the ones sitting in that 8th spot in the conference, having struggled a bit since a hot start.

The good news is some of the injured are along for the trip including Mark Stuart, who might suit up Saturday, and Patrice Bergeron, not likely to play until the teams returns home. Time for some character building, hopefully, maybe a side trip out to where they film Celebrity Rehab to gawk and laugh at a few of Hollywood’s most entertaining drug crazed fame hogs.

The other good news is that, as a natural born Night Owl, I love the late games. 10:30 start? No problem, I’m just getting warmed up. Bring on the dancing horses.

As such, to celebrate, here’s a one from my Dad.


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