Avs Throwing Down With The Flames In The Saddledome


Any Hockey fan worth their chicklets should be checking out tonight’s Colorado Avalanche at Calgary Flames match. What does it say about a game when three fights erupt not even four minutes into the opening tilt.

The first tussle happened just 20 seconds in as Robin Regehr broke out in blood at the behest of Chris Stewart‘s fists. The second fight card featured a draw between Brian “Meat Mitts” McGrattan and the Czech Kingpin David Koci. Before long, Brandon Prust decided it was time to show Cody McLeod a bunch of fives. When the dust settled, both teams sat at 1-1-1 on the fight card.

All three knockabouts would make Don Cherry shout “beauty!”


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3 Responses to “Avs Throwing Down With The Flames In The Saddledome”

  1. Ken Socrates Says:

    After the dust settled, three of the combatants then had points in the game, too. Gratts and Prust both had assists and Chris Stewart scored a goal. Score one for tough hockey, bitches!

  2. KofC Says:

    I had a good feeling about this game after the Flames-Canucks the other night, then I forgot the starting time and missed all the fights. Oh well, the videos I found later were entertaining. I never tire of hearing the word “haymakers.”

    I’m surprised this only just occurred to me–anyone following the NHL knows the Western conference is doing much better overall than the Eastern, but Western teams are leading in fights, too. Not that there’s a correlation between the teams with the best stats and the most fights (Sharks and Blues are both in the top 10), but it was interesting to note. Someone should do statistical analysis on this. Someone else.

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    Someone, maybe, who wears a fur hat and sunglasses?

    I’ve had a mind to do any number of fight related stat work ups and never got around to any of them, the first being a look at my theory that the Bruins, by far, have a higher inning percentage in games where a fight occurs.

    Coming soon, don’t you worry.

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