Two Fer


Anyone who goes twice in a game these days gets my attention and my respect but guys who go twice like this deserve their own highlight. Rick Rypien, fast becoming a staple of the Fight Video pages here at HGW, and Brandon Prust mix it up twice last night in two wild slugfests that will make momma’s heart proud.

Here for your viewing pleasure.

Prust with the clear win in the first bout and Rypien with maybe a slight edge in the second, both were surely exhausted by the effort and, after a couple fistfuls of Advil, probably slept well last night. Looked to me both times that it was Rypien who wanted it.

Calgary won the game 3-2 in the shoot-out.


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One Response to “Two Fer”

  1. KofC Says:

    Ah, I’m back in Chicago and catching up on fight videos and the 2000+ items in my Bloglines. I only saw the 3rd period of this one (on my host’s laptop after I got in Sat. night) so I missed the fights. Given a close, relatively low score I wouldn’t have guessed there’d been fights, but given what teams these are and the fighters they’ve got, I should have assumed there were! Good stuff.

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