TSN Source: Savard Out 2-3 Weeks



TSN is reporting Marc Savard will miss 2-3 weeks, “according to a source”.

Of course, this source seems to have no information about what the actual injury is and the report was posted before Savard went in for his scheduled MRI today.

The Bruins will announce the actual results of the test tomorrow.

Meanwhile, according to a source, Mike Komisarek is having an illicit love affair with Tom Cruise who is inducting him and the entire Toronto Maple Leafs team into the joys of Scientology and eating live baby panda bears for breakfast every Saturday morning.

Saturday Edit: It’s actually 3-4 weeks with a partially torn MCL. Not good either way.

And 25 more baby pandas just bit the dust.

For shame, Toronto.

Additional Edit: TSN has changed the story to read 3-4 weeks, covering their hasty mistake.

For shame, TSN.


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