K’s, B’s and Hawks, Oh My!


First things first.

A hearty welcome to The Hub to KofC, author of the deligthful and insightful A Little Chippy, as she makes a visit to town tonight to see her very first Bruins game here in Boston as she and her Blackhawks invade the Garden. Not only is she an excellent writer but her Stalker Avoidance skills turn out to be finely honed as well as she’s managed to foil all my attempts to track her through the city. I thought I had her this afternoon outside of Out of Town News in Harvard Square but she ditched out the back door of The Coop and lost me. I’ll keep hunting but I’m getting the sense that I’m out of my league on this one.

Here’s hoping she gets to see a hell of a game tonight only with different end-results than the wildly entertaining 5-4 shoot-out loss the B’s suffered in Chicago on December 18th. There certainly is every indication that when these two teams hook up, it’s appointment viewing. Fans of both teams, fans of hockey in general, would be well served if this turned out to be the match-up in this year’s Cup Finals.

A few pre-game notes leading into this one:

  • Milan Lucic remains doubtful for the game with a more probable return date set for Saturday against the Blue Shirts. There is a slim, outside chance he might get cleared by the medical staff tonight just prior to the game but we’ll see. If so, look for him to skate on the fourth line at first.
  • As such, the Parade of the Wounded continues to gain strength with Andrew Ference, now out for 6 weeks with a groin strain, joins Patrice Bergeron, Mark Stuart and, for the moment, Lucic as key regulars forced tot he sidelines with injuries. I’m not sure how this team is ever going to make hay without some consistent health in the line-up. I’m sure they’re just as frustrated as the fans, both hoping that a run up the standings can be made when the roster stabilizes.
  • Fight Watch. Not great for this one as the Hawks don’t carry a traditional enforcer on the team and there was never any real fireworks in Chicago. The team’s fight leader is Ben Eager with 5 and the team has 19 total on the season, 5 of which came in an old Norris Division style slugfest against the Blues last Saturday. S’okay, though, ’cause Shawn Thornton has earned himself a rest after stepping up to the plate nicely against Matt Carkner the other night in Ottawa.
  • Tim Thomas in net again tonight.
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    2 Responses to “K’s, B’s and Hawks, Oh My!”

    1. KofC Says:

      Damn, a post featuring me? I’d better comment, though I need to get some sleep so I can make it to Providence Friday. A few points:

      Heh, I’m familiar with both those Harvard Square stores you named, but I was in the OTHER bookstore (Harvard Bookstore) there today!

      Well, it was an exciting game, but not in the same way as the matchup in Chicago. All your notes wound up being a little off: Lucic was there (I was very surprised in warmups) if still shaky. Sadly, the Parade of the Wounded claimed another one. Thomas was in but got pulled–I’d really wanted to see Rask face Niemi, but not because Thomas got pulled! And there was a fight or two…well, a couple tussles that seemed similar, but one got a roughing and one got fighting majors. The people around me wanted something more…uh, they really seem to like fights here. I’m shocked, SHOCKED…

      Whenever people talk about the Hawks and enforcers I feel…uh, emasculated or something. But I’m fine with them looking pretty and scoring lots of goals, and keeping the puck away from other teams…even if it means their ratings on hockeyfights.com are consistently pitiful.

      I wish the Bruins had played better, because this really was the only circumstance I could tolerate seeing the Hawks lose in. I still haven’t seen it happen!

    2. Ken Socrates Says:

      I wish the Bruins had played better, too. I have to hand it to the Hawks, though. These kids are for real. Deep, talented, relentlessly attacking team. B’s just couldn’t hang with them after the 1st period.

      Looch comes back and Savard goes down and the team just can’t buy a break unless it’s someone’s thumb or sternum. Frustrating.

      You’re going to enjoy Providence. They put on a good show there and the team is pretty decent. Keep an eye on Zach Hamill and Brad Marchand, the two best forward prospects for the B’s down there. Marchand is fast and feisty, a real spark plug and, if he’s on his game, is worth price of admission by himself.

      And don’t forget your Dunkin’ Donuts!

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