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Hey Gonz

January 29, 2010

At the risk of initiating what might be a very intense case of Blog Stalking, I feel I must share this one with you, old friend. After all, what are the two things on this earth that warm your blood the most?

The Cincinnati Cyclones and Redheads.

And K, I apologize in advance for unleashing this upon you but always remember, if he gets out of hand, we have ways of keeping our people in line over here. You don’t want to know the details but let’s just say it involves 3 a.m. raids, PVC piping, badminton rackets and astonishing amounts of duct tape. Trust me, it’s the sort of thing that would make the bar soap code red in Full Metal Jacket look like a tickle attack with a feather duster.

Anyway, you, um, pick up any Providence Bruins hats while you were down there?

Just asking.


Tim Thomas Toronto Trade?

January 27, 2010
Tim Thomas Trade

Could The Tank be in another uniform by season's end?

This one comes out of the Left Field of Speculation and Irresponsible Rumors but I relay it to you here for two reasons. One, it really got me thinking about the possibilities and Two, when the rumors come flying from a commentator on Hockey Night in Canada, you know it’s going to get a little play.

From Elliote Friedman (via Pension Plan Puppets):

The Maple Leafs say they will take an ugly contract if the rest of the booty is worth it. Philly (a prime candidate) does not have a first-round draft pick. He’s got to get either a first-rounder or a high-end prospect to make sense. You know who’d make sense – and I STRESS I’m guessing here, too – is Tim Thomas, but he’s got a no-trade for the first three years of his contract.

So, yes, this is straight out of Friedman’s head onto the page, obviously. It’s not grounded in any real information from any source close to any team or player. But is it total nonsense? And does it raise some interesting possibilities?

The Bruins need to make a move badly and, unless things take a dramatic turn for the better when Marc Savard, Steve Begin and Byron Bitz return from injury this weekend, the chances are they will. When considering who on the current roster has trade value and could me moved within the constraints of the cap, there are few players outisde the boundaries of those Peter Chiarelli considers the young core of the team and want to hold on to (Milan Lucic, David Krejci, Tukka Rask, Patrice Bergeron). You can’t blame him for not wanting to mortgage the future like that and I can’t help but agree. The young and the talented need to stay.

So who does that really leave to trade that has value to other teams? Forget about Marco Sturm or Michael Ryder. Forget about the old veterans and the marginal players, none of whom would bring anything of impact in return. Forget about anyone on defense. Who does that leave? Blake Wheeler? Random Providence Bruins Guy?

Or Tim Thomas.

Reigning Vezina Trophy Winner. Proven Number One NHL Goalie.

A team with a need at that position, a willingness to take on a big contract and a serious desire to do some dealing and maybe things can happen. Hello Toronto and Crazy Ass Brian Burke who, of course, recently named Tim to Team U.S.A. for the Vancouver Olympics. Certainly he thinks highly of the player. Certainly he has a need at that position as the Leafs goaltending has been fairly miserable all season long and the pressure in Toronto to solidify that spot is surely immense. Kind of like if the Boston Red Sox had a crappy closer. The natives get restless.

So could it happen? Well, the Bruins and everyone around the team seem to think that Tuukka Rask’s time has just about come. His numbers this season are better than Thomas’ and there’s a feel that it’s only a matter of time before he becomes the team’s Number One. Which puts The Tank and his fat, four year contract solidly in the way and a lot of the team’s cap number tied up at the goaltending position.

Meanwhile, the B’s and Leafs have already done some significant dealing this season, as we all know. The B’s desperately need help on defense. And on the wing.

Hello Tomas Kaberle and Niklas Hagman.

Throw in Tyler Bozak and you might even get one of your first round picks back.

Okay, maybe that’s crazy talk, who knows. And maybe Toronto isn’t the only possible destination for him, either. A serious look might need to be taken at what other teams could be in play if the team decides this is a possibility. And maybe Thomas decides not to waive that No-Trade and he goes nowhere at all. The whole thing is wildly speculative, as I stipulated right off the top.

Nonetheless fascinating a possibility, however.

What say ye?

There’s A Tom Petty Song

January 25, 2010

It’s called Free Falling.

Not that I’m a huge fan of his music (though I would take a crack at it on Guitar Hero) but it perfectly describes the current state of the Boston Bruins. I’m sure there’s a host of tunes from the Butthole Surfers with titles I could apply here, too, but I don’t want to disturb any of my more sensitive readers.

It’s just an abyss of uselessness the team has fallen into. A team wide malaise without any sort of innoculation one could administer to fight whatever disease it is that makes a formerly proficient, responsible defensive team suddenly turn so inept in it’s own zone that the worst team in the league scores five goals on you with such absolute ease that you wonder if they’ve signed some Voodoo Blood Pact that allows them to channel the 1980’s Edmonton Oilers.

It was that bad in Carolina yesterday. That embarrassing.

Something is deeply, fundamentally wrong with this team right now and I don’t see any answers on the horizon. For example, you can forget about any major trade addition coming in to try and staunch the bleeding. It just can’t be done within the constraints of the salary cap. People around here keep mentioning Ilya Kovalchuk but there are HUGE problems with that. Firstly, there are going to be a lot of teams in the running, teams with more cap space and more willingness to part with young talent and draft picks on an all or nothing rental of this guy. Rumors still suggest there could be a $15 million dollar offer for him on the table from the KHL next season making any deal for him a very risky proposition without a pre-arranged contract extemsion in place. The odds of the Bruins doing that deal are close to non-existant, especially with Peter Chiarelli’s public statements about not wanting to part with that Toronto 1st rounder acquired in the Phil Kessel trade. Kevin Paul Dupont agrees.

The only other deal that could work would be talent for talent to shake things up. Blake Wheeler and a pick to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan. Something like that, maybe. In my dreams.

Small moves aren’t going to cut it. Marc Savard will return on Friday and that’s a good thing but there remains no goal-scoring winger for him to pass to at this time so what can he really do by himself?

And it’s very possible the team he returns to might be in 13th place in the Eastern Conference by then.

People are looking at Claude Julien right now, of course, as his job comes under the microscope. Constant line juggling, no answer on the power play and a lack of consistent effort from the guys on the ice suggesting that players might be “tuning him out” now. I find this hard to believe, hard to understand. I mean, can you go from Jack Adams Award winner to the unemployment line in the space of about 8 months? I just don’t see that as a serious answer but, at this point, as the disappointment snowballs, everything needs to be on the table. Scary times in Boston folks.

Sing it with me.

“I’m Free! Free Falling!”


January 24, 2010

Boston Bruins Slump

Tell me something I don’t know, you say?

This is getting bad, folks. Something drastic has to be done. I wish I could tell you what exactly that is but, then again, I’m not being paid a seven figure salary to run a professional hockey franchise in the NHL.

This Sunday morning, the 24th of January 2010, the Bruins find themselves, for the first meaningful time this season, outside the Eastern Conference Playoff picture looking in. Currently they sit tied for 9th place with the New York Islanders, looking upward at hated rivals the Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators (who delivered the latest beating to the team, yesterday afternoon at the Garden).

The thing is, they’re only two points out of the 13th spot in the Conference, too. This is a problem. This puts the team’s recent slide into the realm of the epic, the disastrous, the monumentally frustrating.

If you wear Black and Gold today, my friends, then today is officially Gut Check Time. Today at 5 p.m. visiting the last place Carolina Hurricanes, that very same team that drove you to a humiliating early exit from last year’s playoff on Scott Walker’s Game Seven overtime winner, is the team you need to show up against today loaded for bear. You need a bucketload of vicious, snarling hatred and rage today, boys.

Show up or pack it the fuck in.

You decide.

The Battle of HGW

January 21, 2010

Milan Lucic Fights Jared Boll

In this corner, Ken Socrates and the Boston Bruins.

In that corner, Gonz and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Let the games begin!

Excellently entertaining match so far with both teams scoring goals and the game tied 1-1 after one period. Monster of a fight between Milan Lucic and Jared Boll with Boll maybe having the edge. You have no idea how hard that is for me to say.

B’s goal, Michael Ryder, CBJ goal the recently acquired Chris Clark.

Some great feistiness being showed by both teams.


2-1 B’s after 2.

The texts are flying fast and furious between Gonz an I as he tries to catch up, watching the game a little behind on DVR.

Nice goal by Bergeron and one disallowed by the refs on CBJ’s Vermette, who kicked it in.

Gonz: “So y’think Wideman needs to get that curse lifted off him?”

Mike MIlbury is right now defending the beleaguered B’s defenseman, who’s struggles continue, reprimanding the fans for raining down the boos on him. While I seee how poorly he’s played I don’t think any of that will help, nor will Julien’s public remarks on the subject. Dennis Wideman is not the sort of player who is going to handle that level of pressure very well, trust me. He’s not going to play better under that spotlight, he’s going to play worse.

You’re seeing the proof of that tonight.

Well, a pretty ugly ending from a Bruins perspective. Give up the lead in the third, as Antoine Vermette gets back his soccer goal, and then lose it late on a phantom four minute high sticking penalty to Milan Lucic on a play where Anton Stralman’s stick nails Derek Brassard in the face and the refs call it on Looch.

Then it’s that exact same stick that fires the shot that becomes R.J. Umberger’s PP game winner.

Not quite what I would call Justice but, then again, the Bruins did little to earn a victory in the third. If not for a couple of hit posts by CBJ the poor call would have had no bearing on the game and the Jackets would have won it going away.

Battle of HGW, January 2010 Winner: Columbus Blue Jackets 3-2.

Cheap Thoughts

January 20, 2010
Drew Larman Boston Bruins

Drew Larman, please save us.

Bruins don’t play until tomorrow night when Gonz’ Columbus Blue Jackets invade the Garden and the Battle of HGW ensues. I’ll forgo any trash talk as the CBJ have had their struggles this season and the Bruins have been nearly as frustrating to watch at times thanks to injury and inconsistency so it just wouldn’t be much fun. At some point, when both teams are at higher points and the contest has some fire to it, you’ll get to see some textual conflagrations here that will make you shift about uncomfortably in your seat and want to look away from the monitor. Not today, however. Today we’re both just trying to survive.

Meanwhile, a few thoughts.

Tuukka Rask is now second in the NHL in both saves percentage and goals against with a 2.09 GAA and a .928 SVPCT, behind by the slimmest margin to only Ryan Miller of Buffalo. He’s also 10-5 in 17 starts. Those are good numbers folks and I start to wonder when it is, if Tuukka keeps up that sort of play and remains steady, we see the beginnings of an actual goaltender controversy here. There have been rumblings amongst the more hysterical fan contingent and media members (hello Michael Felger) out there but little in terms of real discussion. The problem is, everyone loves Tim Thomas and the man only went and won the Vezina Trophy last season. He has not, however, to this point shown the sort of consistent play he did last year and has had a few rough nights. There comes a point when a discussion is warranted and I wonder when that might be.

Drew Larman and Adam McQuiad must feel like they’re on some sort of giant rubber band that stretches from Boston to Providence at this point. In the past few days alone they’ve bounced back and forth a number of times. Today’s status: Larman recalled on an emergency basis while McQuaid, who was just called up this morning, heads back down there this evening. Makes yer head spin.

All of this due to the team’s ridiculous medical issues. Time to spin the Giant Wheel of Bruins Injuries and see what today brings.

Byron Bitz, Steve Begin and Marco Sturm all either missing practice or leaving early because of unspecific injuries. Marc Savard and Andrew Ference still out for the long haul.

Meanwhile, players who have returned from injury are still not themselves, it seems. Patrice Bergeron was a shadow of himself on Monday against Ottawa. Whatever’s wrong with Dennis Wideman continues to help him produce a horrific season, his offensive numbers and plus/minus way down from last year and he looks like he’s skating through quicksand.

Milan Lucic is not himself yet, sad as that is to admit. In his six games back from being out for an extended period with a high ankle sprain, he has not really shown us the Looch of old just yet. Six games, no goals, two assists. It gets worse. A meagre 4 shots on net in those games and a -5. The good news is he does have 19 hits over that stretch so he does continue to throw the body. No fights, however.

The thing is the Bruins need him to be a force to be successful. They need him hitting, smashing, scoring and providing that emotional leadership role that we’re all sure he can supply when at his best. It’s probably going to take a little time to get that back along with his skating legs, his timing, everything. Meanwhile, we all wait and hope we’ll see the return of the Force that they call Gino.

The bottom line is the Bruins need a lot of things right now and I’mnot sure what the near horizon has to offer. Like I’ve stated before, it’s basically survival time until after the Olympics when we can hopefully sort things out.

Drew Larman to the rescue.

A Modest Proposal

January 19, 2010

I got this weird idea that’s been brewing in m’noggin for awhile. It has to do with getting rid of the shootout except during special events. Bear with me.

Since introduction of the shootout, the NHL has been in the habit of awarding two points to the team with the best shooters. This provides certain teams a distinct advantage in the ways of winning games. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that sometimes it means the better team gets shafted a point. It came to me this past Sunday when the Blackhawks-Red Wings game couldn’t be solved in 65 minutes. Now it was down to Jimmy Howard and Antti Niemi to see who got the W. I’ll save the drama and tell you that the Hawks won. But it was that shootout that brought the inherent unfairness these decision makers illustrate. First, let’s take a look at Pavel Datsyuk’s SO goal.

That was pretty sweet, wasn’t it? Also, it probably would never have happened in a regular game save for a breakaway. But it was watching that slow-motion-in-real-time shot that made me realize we’re doing this wrong. Then came Todd Bertuzzi’s goal.

Are you fucking kidding me? That knuckle dragger pulls off a Denis Savard patented spinarama and makes Niemi look like John Candy on a trapeze? To his credit, he has scored using that move during an actual game. But still!

The shootout, in itself, is a flawed system: it relies solely on skill and goaltending prowess. What’s more, the losing team is still awarded a point. What purpose does that serve? It’s giving every kid running in a race a medal, even the fat kid that has stress flatulence when he runs. George Carlin put it best in his rant about self esteem:

“You know what they tell the kid who lost these days? ‘You were the last winner.’ A lot of kids never get to hear the truth about themselves until they’re in their twenties, when their boss calls them in and says, Bobby, clean the shit out of your desk and get the fuck out of here, you’re a loser.”

Detroit didn’t lose in the shootout, they were the last winner.

I’m not some purist who thinks the game must never evolve but I truly believe the shootout is the cheapest of all victories, somewhere between a contested goal and the knob sucking Mario Lemieux and Cindy Crysob Sidney Crosby receive from the league. And, yah, ties are dull — especially when the players were resigned to just playing out the five minutes in order to get a point — and the shootout creates a lot of excitement. But is it really Hockey when you let some fleet of foot flashman with a wicked wrister skate one-on-one against the goalie that kept you in the game?

Here’s my proposal. It’s simple and I’ll even list it numerically for those of you who dig that sort of thing.

  1. Eliminate the shootout from regular season games.
  2. Relegate the shootout only to pre-season and All-Star games, yknow, the ones that don’t really matter. In fact, I’d be willing to forgo the five minute four-on-four OT period in these games and just go to the shootout.
  3. Replace the five minute sudden death overtime period with a ten minute sudden death overtime period.
  4. The team that scores during sudden death wins the game and gets two points. The team that loses gets nada. Zip. Nothing. This encourages teams to play to win.
  5. If neither team scores during sudden death, then each team gets one point.

What did I tell you. Simple. It’s logical. It’d work. It’d make the fans happy and keep the goaltenders and their coaches from spending their salaries on Zantac.

That’s why it probably will never be adopted.

The Last Days of WEEI

January 19, 2010

WEEI 850 am

I despise politics.

Everything about the arena is sickening to me. As far as I’m concerned there aren’t three ounces of sincerity in anyone who runs for or holds any political office in this country and We, The People, are the ones to blame for this. We’ve allowed the system to grow into a grotesque mockery of the democratic process where corruption and fraud are the norm, where media spin and likablitly account for more than real issues and discussion thereof. Pretty faces and catch phrases win elections and losers are voted off the Island.

We have become a Nation of Idiots and we deserve the entire mess we’ve created for ourselves over these last few decades. This is not news.

As much as I hate politics and politicians, I love sports and sports talk. Which is why I’ve spent vast, inordinate amounts of time over the years listening to WEEI, Boston’s first all sports radio station. In fact, I recall vividly, as a talk radio listener in the early nineties, when the station switched to it’s All Sports format. It was 1991 and one late-summer evening Eddie Andelman dropped by what I believe was a night time sports related show hosted by Craig Mustard, which I had only recently found and become interested in, to promote the change in format.

I was instantly hooked. Those early days were a bit rought, as I recall. Andelman, Dale Arnold and Glenn Ordway, the latter two of whom are still very involved with the station, were some of the mainstays during the midday hours. The mornings shows, for the first few years, were disastrous. From Andy Moes to Don Imus to some horrific personality called The Sports Babe, it was some miserable programming from the 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. hours. Eventually that would stabilize thanks to the Dennis & Callahan Show, a popular morning drive hosted by former television sportscaster John Dennis and Boston Herald columnist Gerry Callahan.

The afternoon shows found their levels, switching eventually from single person hosted shows to teams of two and, in the case of The Big Show afternoon drive broadcast, teams of three or more. Local sports personalities were used heavily as contributors with a focus on opinionated, informed local sportswriters like Bob Ryan, Jackie MacMullen and even the dour Dan Shaughnessy. The addition of The Flash Boy was a stroke of genius, using the spot of a regular sports news reader to provide a mouthy, dumb whipping boy type personality that everyone, including the listeners, could goof on endlessly, like a group of guys hanging around a TV watching a game picking on a fat, moronic friend or a mousy know-nothing. The Whiner Line, a taped call in segment where listener could turn comedian and hear themselves played on the air if they were good enough was another dab of pure genius and became a huge draw.

It all became wildly successful. Over the years, the format would spawn countless imitators in search of the station’s exceptional ratings numbers and the broadcasts would expand to cover much of the Northeast. These days they are a bit of a media powerhouse, owned by massive broadcasting company Entercom Communications, providing extensive news coverage via on-air broadcast and the internet.

Which makes what’s happening today all the more tragic and disturbing.

Because today WEEI officially died.

Today it completed the selling of it’s own soul to the Satanic Machine of the mindless, thumping Right Wing conservative agenda that dominates a lot of other talk radio in our current age. They have completed their unholy marriage with such odious embarrassments as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as transparent, pandering mouthpieces for America’s Republican Party. Desperate to reclaim some of the power they recently lost through failed policies, blatant corruption, political stupidity, greed and religious overindulgence, these folks spend all their on-air hours trying to influence the minds of the lazy and the stupid, the mewling sheep so easily swayed by idiotic rumors and half-truths, unsubstantiated claims and outright propaganda.

This, now, is the game that WEEI has decided to play.

John Dennis Gerry Callahan

John Dennis, Gerry Callahan and Jon Meterparel

I guess it started with Gerry Callahan, really. Once a pretty decent sports writer in his own right, working for the Herald and Sports Illustrated, I was actually quite a fan of his show back in the day. In fact, I remember being one of the very first faxers to the program the day it first went live, a missive amusing enough to be read on air and that he later admitted hanging it on the wall of his office there for a time. His conservative leanings, though, became more steadily apparent the more time he spent on the air. Initailly, this bothered me a bit but I didn’t really hold it against him. We all have our own politics and I don’t judge anyone solely on that aspect. I knew there were other hosts at the station with similar leanings but I wasn’t tuning in for that so I didn’t really care. It was the sports talk I wanted and they were good at it.

That all changed in the mornings, however. The format for that show became broader than just sports, including all manner of popular “water cooler” topics including politics, of course. This was tolerable as it was often pretty funny and entertaining. Slowly, over time, though, Callahan’s extreme right wing views began to dominate. Arguments with callers would send him into an absurd rage and he would become a frothing, screaming reactionary at a moment’s notice. It was instantly uncomfortable for me when that would happen. A man I had formerly respected was turning into a troll in fromt of my very ears.

It got even worse, though. The more issues that were introduced, the more of a Right Wing Thumper he became, espousing any and all manner of absurd nonsense to forward a conservative agenda. During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, it reached all new propagandic lows as he carried the Republican Party’s water like a good, mindless soldier, selling whatever the latest garbage and half-truths and near-slander he could to try and derail Barack Obama’s Predisential bid. It became truly embarrassing as folks pointed out the massive failings of the Bush administration and the obvious inadequacy of the McCain-Palin ticket and Gerry simply would not admit reality. Whether it was self-deception or just outright lying, the stuff that flew across the airwaves on that show became unbelievably odious. It was clear that they were part of The Machine. The Rush Limbaugh of Sports Talk.

Not a compliment, there, folks.

It’s continues on, of course. The station, in allowing it, has shown it’s own true colors and one can speculate that ownership has it’s own agenda to allow such specific political ranting to air every day. Now, with a hotly contested Senatorial race reaching it’s peak in Massachusetts today with conservative Republican Scott Brown running against Democrat Martha Coakley to fill the vacant Senate seat once belonging to Sen. Ted Kennedy, all pretense has been thrown aside as personalities from every show (excluding the fairly reasonalble Dale & Holley midday broadcast) have thrown in their lot with Brown, stumping and thumping in a blatant attempt to use their vast reach to sway their listening audience and impact a critical election with serious national political implications. The morning guys tell you to vote for him, the afternoon guys tell you to vote for him, Curt Schilling, the blatantly right-wing former Red Sox pitcher who just never seems to shut up, is on there telling you to vote for him. Hell, I got a robocall from Schilling one night slagging off Coakley and promoting Brown. It’s become so overt it’s sickening.

Curt Schilling

Please stop calling my house, Curt Schilling. Please.

At one, point, last week, they had Brown on the air live twice. In the same day. Once with Dennis & Callahan in the morning while they brought in a guest who was unfairly imprisoned 25 years ago and tried to connect his injustice to Martha Coakley and then again later in the day on The Big Show, clearly sensing blood as a spike in the polls showed the race getting closer and trying to promote him as much as possible to boost his momentum. It was just disgustingly obvious what was going on there.

That’s when I turned it off. Finally. Just switched it off.

Do you understand, WEEI, or even care? Possibly the most loyal listener you have ever had, a man who spent about 45 hours a week for the last 27 years of his life listening to your station, has at last flipped the switch. Because he couldn’t take it anymore.

I love sports. I love the Bruins, as you all know. I love the Red Sox. I’m knowledgable enough about many sports related subjects and I like nothing more that a great sports argument, a debate about strategy, player moves, coaching controversy, media blunders, trades and signings. Hot stove baseball. All of that stuff. And WEEI used to be the best at it.

No more.

The only thing worse than politics is the brainless, blabbering, one-sided barking of an obvious, agenda-driven propagandist talking to me like I’m an idiot stupid enough to buy that brand of Snake Oil. No sale, guys. Today, Election Day, as you continue to screech hysterically about Brown and deride Coakley, I was happily listening to something else.

Strike three.

You’re out.

There is another sports radio in station now, seriously competing with WEEI for attention, thankfully. 98.5 WBZ-FM, The Sports Hub. It has it’s share of odious personalities. It’s not perfect. There are a few journalists on there that I respect, a few who justlike to hear themselves talk and stir up controversy. But it’s already better than WEEI because there is little or no politics in the mix. It’s sports, all day, everyday. And that was what I wanted. Something tells me I’m not the only one driven to switch over to the FM side now that the other station is showing it’s colors like that. From now on, excepting a brief check in to make sure the lone voice in the wilderness there, Michael Holley, is still alive, I will be listening to 98.5 exclusively.

I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for today, by the way. Hopefully, you don’t even care. Politics is not what I’m interested in and I can assure you this will be the last time the subject ever comes up here.

Back to the Hockey Talk.

Fists Flyin’ in L.A.

January 16, 2010

Bruins 4 p.m. (my time) matinee with the L.A. Kings has stated off with a bang. Two fights in the early going as both teams display some nice snarl.

First off, Adam McQuaid with his second bout in three games takes on Brandon Segal, in an AHL Northeast Division match-up of former Providence Bruins’ and Manchester Monarchs’. Slight edge to McQuaid who’s fighting style does not include a lot of defense. The one fear there being that any given bout could end in a K.O. for either side.

Shorty after that the heavies took center stage as Shawn Thornton and Raitis Ivanans mixed it up in one where the square off was far longer than the actual fight. Kind of a brief, uncontrolled affair where no real punches landed I don’t think.

Viddies of both on the Fight Video Pages as soon as I get around to a much needed update there.

Game: 1-1 after one in what looks to be a nice, fiesty tilt.

Updates to follow.

Update: Great middle, not a great end. Bruins score two goals 11 seconds apart in the second for a 3-1 lead but couldn’t hold it. Kings come back halfway through the third to tie it up and take it to overtime and then win it decisively in a shoot-out.

Thomas skated off ready to smash his stick against the boards, seemingly upset at himself for the way things ended. Seemed like some pretty obvious defensive breakdowns that allowed L.A. to come back so I wouldn’t blame Timmy too, too much.

B’s take home 3 points out of 6 on the trip with an insanely depleted line-up. Just as David Krejci and and Mark Stuart come back in this one, out goes Marco Sturm, Dennis Wideman and, before the game ended, Steve Begin.

This is getting ridiculous.

Bloodless Killer

January 15, 2010

Jack Edwards, old son. Maybe you’d like a mulligan on this one?

Listen at the 4:09 mark of the following video highlight from last night’s Boston Bruins shoot-out victory over the San Jose Sharks to hear the ever ebuliant, somewhat ranting B’s TV play-by-play guy refer to Dany Heatley as “One of the most bloodless killers in the NHL.”

Uhm. Oops?

We all know what happened on September 29th, 2003, when Heatley lost control of his Ferrari and, in the ensuing crash, his friend and teammate Dan Snyder was ejected from the car, sustaining injuries that he would die from a few days later. Heatley ended up pleading guilty to Second Degree Vehicular Homicide.

So, ah, maybe a poor choice of words there, Jack? I honestly believe that Edwards was trying to say something about Heatley’s ability as a proficient sniper goal scorer but I’m quite sure, listening back on the way it came out, he might just be wishing he phrased it differently.

Unless he intended it exactly as said.

In which case I applaud the man’s balls and his utterly thrilling lack of good judgement.

You go, Jack.