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So the holiday crush both at home and work has put quite the dent in my available time and energy for keeping up around here and elsewhere on the informational back roads I frequent. Of course, there’s been a lot happening of note so I thought I might offer a few summary style morsels to try and stay up to speed on what’s been going down.

  • First off, Mark Stuart. The man sometimes called The Caveman will be missing 4-6 weeks thanks to a broken sternum, an injury I had no idea even occurred during the loss to the Flyers on Monday because Stuart finished the game out. Tough man, I know. The loss hurts as he has been a rock on defense. It ends his iron man streak at 192 games. Adam McQuaid and Andy Wozniewski, both D-men, have been recalled from Providence on an emergency basis as the status of Dennis Wideman is also in question as the B’s head out to Chicago to face the Blackhawks on Friday.
  • Speaking of which. If you haven’t been visiting A Little Chippy lately and checking out the marvelous stuff new friend KofC has been posting leading up to the contest, then you’re missing out on something special. Her blog is a fascinating, unique take on the World of Hockey that has had our attention from day one. Suffice to say it’s literate, intelligent, funny and unlike anything else you’re going to find on the sporting blogscape. She graces us with her presence here from time to time with astute commentary and has directed traffic with links and even a recent mention on Kukla’s Korner. As a crossover Blackhawks and Bruins fan who appreciates the history of both teams, she’s done some excellent daily work counting down the day’s to tomorrow night’s contest which is a Must See Event in both our worlds.

    Tip of the Cap, K, and thanks.

  • File under Have You Seen This? The live webcam from Fenway Park showing ongoing construction for the Winter Classic. I’m just old enough to think this is the coolest thing ever and, fully admit, were it not for time constraints would spent countless hours just staring at it watching the build progress. I’m just glad it’s a wide shot, as familair as I am with folks in the trades here in town, so we don’t have to deal with an overwhelming amount of plumber’s crack. Full credit to the NHL on this one for the cam and the wealth of information on their Winter Classic page. I know it’s all hype but it’s good hype and I can’t seem to get enough of it.
  • Alright, then, since I mentioned Fenway Park. The Red Sox. I’ll never have time for a baseball blog and have only done a minimum amount of baseball writing in my career but you know I’m a fan and I can’t resist commenting on all the moves yesterday as the sox bring in John Lackey and Mike Cameron and all but say farewell to Jason Bay and, shortly, Mike Lowell. The times they are a changin’ and right now here’s how I see the Sox starting line-up for 2010.

    Batting Order:

    1. Jacoby Ellsbury LF
    2. Dustin Pedroia 2B
    3. Kevin Youkilis 3B
    4. Victor Martinez C
    5. David Ortiz DH
    6. Mike Cameron CF
    7. J.D. Drew RF
    8. Marco Scutaro SS
    9. Casy Kotchman 1B

    Starting Rotation:

    1. Josh Beckett
    2. John Lackey
    3. John Lester
    4. Daisuke Matsuzaka
    5. Clay Buchholz

    Bullpen: Still in flux but anchored by Jonathan Papelbon as closer and Daniel Bard as set-up. The role of Tim Wakefield as starter or relief is now sort of unclear.

    A decent but not spectacular hitting lin-up with admittedly few holes in it. A fantastic starting rotation that ensures opposing teams will see a good to great starter every single game they face the Sox. Pitching and defense appears to be the order of the day as both the infield and outfield have been bolstered by quality defenders. I’d like to see a little more in the bullpen. Interesting to say the least.

  • So that’s all for now but I hope to be back in action as much as possible, time permitting, this weekend, certainly with my take on the B’s – ‘Hawks game tomorrow night. Until then, Feliz Navidad.


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    One Response to “New Sand’n Oates”

    1. KofC Says:

      Thanks for the praise, I’ll be sure to blab about it somewhere! I don’t know if I have enough readers to throw much traffic your way but I do what I can. (I’ve got to put the bigger following I have from my first blog to good use.)

      I can’t believe I hadn’t looked at the live webcam till now (I knew of it), that was worth a look!

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