FOTY: Not From The NHL


Not yet, anyway.

Nothing I’ve seen in any league beats this one right here from the AHL. Jeremy Yablonski of the Binghamton Senators and Jon Mirasty of the Syracuse Crunch.

I’ll let the video speak for itself.

As I said when I posted it on the AHL Fight Page, I’m not sure I’ll ever need to post another fight after that one. I’ve got a black eye from just watching it.

That’s Stock vs. Peat territory, that is.

Hats off, gentlemen.


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One Response to “FOTY: Not From The NHL”

  1. KofC Says:

    Ouch. I first heard of Mirasty from the “Men Who Love Goons” story–actually I found it first in the “Best Sports Writing 2009” book. I probably won’t get to see the Crunch (who must have the most hilariously awful logo in the AHL) unless I see them in Cleveland, they don’t play this far west.

    BTW no fights in the Hawks-Rangers game I went to tonight, and Avery appeared to be on his best behavior, such as it is…

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