That Was It


That was what I wanted to see.

What we all wanted to see.

Marc Savard Hat Trick

Marc Savard's hat trick was only part of the reason the Bruins won.

Shawn Thornton vs Colton Orr

This was the other.

Not just the seven goals and the complete domination of another team up and down the ice, because let’s face it, the Leafs just aren’t that good. And no, not the dramatic return and utter failure of Phil Kessel in a Toronto uniform. No, it was the effort, the passion, the emotion and the drive to win. That was what we needed to see from this team. It was what was missing last night in Montreal. It’s what the B’s need to win. Period.

Some random observations:

  • The scraps had to happen. They had to. Shawn Thornton throwing down with Colton Orr in the first, one of the most dangerous fighters in the league, showed us and all of his teammates that it was time to get to work. The guys all followed suit, just like I’d hoped, and they found the fight inside them and brought it to the Leafs. Mark Stuart, Steve Begin, Andrew Ference. Everyone had a little of the nasty in them tonight. Result: Win. Not a coincidence.

  • Is Tuukka Rask and his consistent, calm play now pushing Tim Thomas for the lead role in this goaltending tandem? Not yet, I don’t think. I mean, we’re talking about last year’s Vezina winner and a guy with less than 20 starts in the NHL here. Still, when I say not yet, you know the issue is on the horizon. Rask looks like the real deal and them more we see of him the less we seem to doubt that.
  • Phil Kessel. Yawn. You see, folks? It ain’t no thang. Two shots on net, a -3 and much of the night spent making little circles in the ice just inside the blue line looking for a late coming point man to dump off to. Not. A. Factor. And it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise because, as I said, he is what he is. You want that over Krejci or Lucic or Savard? Then you’re an idiot. All of you who spent the night booing and chanting his name I hope you got it out of your system. Now get a fucking life and let’s move on. We’ve got a hockey season to worry about.
  • Loved seeing Savard’s hat trick, the joy on the guy’s face for all the world to see. Does this man love being a Bruin or what?
  • Chara’s line: 1 goal, 1 assist, +4, 2 blocked shots, 2 hits, over 22 minutes on the ice and an unknown number of stitches in that split lip. Not too shabby.
  • Both Leafs goals were total garbage time. They really shouldn’t count in any of the official stat columns for the contest.
  • Great freakin’ game all around.

    What say we do it again on Thursday?


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    One Response to “That Was It”

    1. KofC Says:

      I’d wanted to watch this one, but I was having a great time at the Blackhawks-Penguins game… I’d noticed the score was 4-0, then 7-0 next time I looked, then 7-2. Reminds me of the Hawks-Sharks game where it was nearly a 7-0 shutout but Sharks got a couple right at the end! I’d say defeating the Sharks was a little more impressive than the Leafs, not to take anything away from the Bruins’ hat trick and the rest of the game…sounds great.

      And the return of Kessel…he seems to be doing well for the Leafs, if not in this game. Of course the news at the Hawks-Pens game was that Hossa was there playing for the Hawks now. Weird, both games had the much-hyped return of a former player, wearing #81, who got booed every time they had the puck. Both games had strong performances from Finnish backup goalies, too! But nothing at the game I attended turned into an actual fight, despite many nasty exchanges.

      I haven’t found the fights from this game yet…when the guy is back from his well-deserved break I’ll check them out.

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