Assorted Tidbits


A few brief (and not so brief) notes on the recent goings on around the Bruins and Boston sports scene.

    Marc Savard signs a new seven year deal. We’ve been expecting this for a while and, now that the details are in evidence, it seems like a particularly excellent deal for the team. It cements Savard as their offensive leader for the forseeable future and it does so at a number that makes a lot of sense. No $7 Million dollar cap hit here, merely a smidge over $4 and the final years of the deal, when Savard will be deep into his late thirties, can be bought out at a very small number. All of this works and full credit to Chiarelli and Co. for working out a deal with a guy heading towards free agency and getting him to take the “hometown discount”.

    Patrice Bergeron is “feeling fine”. The way he reacted to that shot off his leg from Filip Kuba on Saturday had everyone a little worried, especially when he first attempted to skate the shift after and hobbled off again in obvious pain. Then, when he was given time off from practice early this week we figured there might be a more serious issue. Not so and Bergeron will play tonight when the team hosts Tampa at the Garden.

    The Legends Classic at Fenway Park. I’ve been meaning to mention this for a bit as it’s a rather cool little even taking place the day after the Bruins and Flyers play in the Winter Classic at Fenway on New Years Day. January 2nd Denis Leary and friends, who we all know regularly host an annual celebrity charity hockey game in Boston, have been given the go ahead to play this year’s outdoors on the legendary Red Sox home field. Leary and various comedian and actor pals, usually Tim Robbins, Lenny Clarke, Michael J. Fox and others, will face a pantheon of Bruins and NHL greats including Cam Neely, Terry O’Reilly, Rick Middleton, Brad Park, Brian Leetch and Pat LaFontaine. It looks to be a particularly incredible event this time around and, for all of Leary’s faults (can you say “Bill Hicks”) he does his share for local charities. This year’s even will benefit the Boston Bruins Foundation, the NHL and NHLPA’s Hockey Fights Cancer and the Red Sox Foundation.

    Dustin Pedroia to Shortstop? Okay, I know this isn’t a baseball blog but the fact is that I will never have the time to do one and, since I’m also a huge BoSox fan and the Winter Classic is being played in Fenway this year, I feel like I’ve got a little leeway for some crossover stuff. And this one was too juicy to pass up.

    As first reported by respected baseball journalist Peter Gammons, the Red Sox have apparently been toying with the idea of moving their superstar second baseman to short to fill the vacancy there and solve what has been an ongoing problem and revolving door at the position ever since Nomar Garciaparra left. Pedroia was, as many of you know, a shortstop in college and a damn good one so it’s not such a outlandish idea. Also, it appears he likes the idea. Of course, the Sox would then need to sign a big time second basemen but the thought must be that it would be easier to do that than to find a ss who meets their needs. Intriguing stuff, for sure.

    Fight Watch for tonight’s match vs. The Lightining in Boston. The outlook is excellent as Tampa Bay brings to town the gentleman currently tied with Paul Bissonnette and Matt Carkner for the NHL lead in fighting majors at 10: Zenon Kenopka. I know, not exactly a household name but his totals have gone up year after year and he’s not been shy with opponents this season at all taking on the likes of Chris Neil, Arron Asham and Chris Thorburn among others. On top of that, Tampa ranks 7th in league in overall majors with 20. As I said, outlook is excellent.

    Okay, have you got all that? Good, ’cause there’s a pop quiz later and anyone scoring less than a 60 is going to be flogged.


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3 Responses to “Assorted Tidbits”

  1. KofC Says:

    I would have no idea who Kenopka is if not from checking (and noticing several players were up to double-digit numbers of fights this week). Alas, I probably can’t watch the game as I’m off on my Buffalo/Pittsburgh trip in a few hours.

    I’ll have a bit of Winter Classic-related stuff to post soon. I really wish I could see one of those…in June I saw my first game at Fenway, due to the good fortune of a friend with a season-ticket-holding roommate.

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    I wish I could see one, too. Tickets were sold to the general public via lottery and prices on the secondary market have been astronomical. None of my usual ticket sources have even a sniff so it looks like there’s no joy to be had this time around unless there’s a last minute miracle from the North Pole or something.

    It’s a real shame because I’ve got the fur hat and shades and the boozing stamina of Genghis Khan.

    I belong there.

  3. KofC Says:

    Apparently I’m not off on my trip yet, but I never found the game online so I missed it anyway. Sounds like a good win (and I’m having a cheerful week with the Savard news and the Blackhawks deals that’ll be announced Thursday).

    My aforementioned Boston friend was in Chicago during the last Classic, not expecting to get a ticket. Then he showed up outside before it started and found a ticket at face value. I wasn’t into hockey at the time so I just thought “hey, that’s nice for him.” Now, of course, I’m filled with envy, resentment, and rage…

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