Sean Avery: Certified Dink


I know. It’s a tired, old thing. It’s not even that much fun anymore, is it? I think we can all admit that it’s become a bit sad and boring at this point. Pathetic, if you will. Predictable. Pointless.

Kind of like a tweeny bopper vampire movie or something.

Anyway, here it is. The latest example of unmanliness from Sean Avery.

I know. Big Yawn. Why bother even talking about it?

Just because we must never forget what a miserable example Avery is of everything the NHL should not be. It should not be a place, is not I believe, where someone can play with that amount of agression and chippiness and never have to answer the bell like a man.

Of course, Sean Avery is not a man. Not in any sense of the word as it can be defined in the NHL or anywhere outside the streets of Montreal, anyway. We know that. It’s been proven beyond a doubt. And if we needed another example, well, there it is. Jumping a Russian non-fighter from behind and swinging away before the guy even knows you’re there. It is an act of weakness and cowardice which will lower the respect anyone might have for him even further down into subterranean depths.

Of course, he knows damn well, given an equal square off, Fedotenko would kick the ever living shit out of him. But we all know Avery doesn’t have the balls to do that. Obviously.

The NHL is a place where men are men, toughness is respected and people play by a Code of Honor. Guys know, from the first days they strap on skates and hit the ice. You play by the Code or you are nothing.

Sean Avery is nothing.

‘Nuff said.


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