MASH Update


So by now most of you are aware of the latest Milan Lucic injury. Out about a month with a high ankle sprain. It’s frustrating news for sure as it has become abundantly clear what an impact the bruising young forward has on the way the Bruins play. One game after the injury, for example, the B’s promptly lost at home to Jersey in their annual Black Friday matinee, 2-1 in the shootout, snapping what had been an impressive 4-game win streak.

As Kevin Paul Dupont points out in today’s notebook:

    “Boston’s hitting game has lost its spiritual leader with Lucic sidelined. Looch landed 262 slams last season, tying him for fifth overall with Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke.

    Thus far in 2009-’10, Steve Begin leads the hit brigade for Boston, his 51 hits slotting him in a tie for 54th overall in the league. Vladimir Sobotka, who piled on five hits Friday, is next with 49, putting him at 62nd overall in the league.

    Team captain Zdeno Chara’s hitting game is off this season. Last year, he landed 169 hits, which put him in a tie for 38th league wide. As of this morning, Big Z had but 44 hits, ranking him 73rd league-wide.”

Spiritual leader, indeed.

Another note at the bottom of that same column suggests that the only other injured Bruin, Tim Thomas, may return to action tonight against Ottawa. There was a recent report on TSN that Thomas’ mysterious injury may have been a broken right hand. The report references, where I did find James Murphy in this article referencing Fluto Sinzawa in this article refering to a team source suggeting a right hand issue but there seems to be no actual reference to the break in question.

It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma, I guess.

Regardless, the Senators are in town tonight and the last meeting between the two produced a feisty three fight affair that the B’s won in improbable fashion scoring twice with the goalie pulled in the game’s last 1:28 for a dramatic, much needed win. All things point to another excellent game tonight.


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One Response to “MASH Update”

  1. KofC Says:

    At least the Bruins have relatively few injuries compared to other teams right now… I found this game online (I was expecting a Canadian feed, but I got NESN); it’ll be done in time for the late Hawks game. Wings and Habs are supposed to be the teams I hate, of course, but they’ve been playing so badly recently there’s not much of a rivalry…so I’m trying to get riled up about the Sens.

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