Day At The Dunk


Providence Bruins Score The Winner Against Manchester

You can see in the above picture one of the main reasons it was such a great game, such a great experience, to be at last Sunday in Providence at the Dunkin Donuts Center for the 4:05 pm meeting between the Providence Bruins and the Manchester Monarchs. The P-Bruins pulled off an astonishingly exciting comeback victory, down three goals at one point and looking completely exhausted from playing the third game in three days, as they scored the game winner with 47.2 seconds left in the game. The improbable, inspiring comeback was all the more delectable as it came against the division leading Monarchs who, early on in the contest, seemed like they were in complete control of the game and would dominate with ease.

Not so fast.

Credit to the snarliness of recently returned forward Brad Marchand who, seemingly spurred on by anger at taking an early high stick in the game and a nasty war of words with Monarchs defenseman Andrew Campbell, was a windmill of energy in the third. Throwing some nasty hits, driving to the net, buzzing in the corners. He had three assists in the game, two coming on the last two goals of the comeback as he directly set up Kirk MacDonald and Andrew Bodnarchuck for the fourth and fifth goals respectively, sealing the victory.

Guess the kid learned a little something in the month or so he spent up in Boston, eh? Work like that, it won’t be long before he’s back.

All in all it was an excellent day. Three little ladies experienced their very first hockey game ever and were key elements themselves in the victory, one could assume. When all the rest of the crowd was doubtful there were three who never stopped cheering at the top of their lungs, “Go Big B’s Go! Use your teamwork!” The non-stop dancing alone was enough to inspire the team, I would imagine. Twice they appeared on the Jumbotron on Fan Cam and I can only imagine the team looking up and saying to themselves, “You know what, boys? If those three little kids won’t quit, then neither will we. Let’s win it for them!

Certainly, that what I told them.

Once again, it affirms what a great take minor league sports can be. Inexpensive, family friendly, entertaining in so many ways. The food at the Dunk is decent enough,though I would recommend you avoid the Johnny Rockets Milkshake stand at all costs. I pride myself as a connoisseur of milkshakes and the one I paid $5.50 for down there was thin, watery and tasteless. Very disappointing indeed.

Of course, the greatest milk shake/frappe spot in Boston has now closed it’s doors, that being Herrell’s in Harvard Square. Thick, creamy, with a vanilla flavor (I only do vanilla) that was the sugary equivalent of crystal meth when you consume it. Delicious beyond my paltry word skills to describe.

As you can see, I’m still in mourning.

Anyway, more photos from the game here.


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One Response to “Day At The Dunk”

  1. KofC Says:

    Wow, great game! At the same time I was watching the Chicago Wolves (who had improved their standings a lot since I last looked) beating the division-leading Texas Stars, though not in quite as exciting a way.

    Yeah, minor league sports are fun for the family atmosphere (I like watching kids play during intermission, or run around the bases at a ballpark) though there can be a lot of goofy stuff for an adult to sit through (it’s worse in baseball). Good to hear there’s some new fans out there.

    I made a point of visiting many ice cream shops on my Boston trips this year and I’m sad to hear I missed Herrell’s!

    A Wolves game was the first time I appeared on a Jumbotron, and I also have a photo of myself taking a photo of it…

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