The Anti-Regulation Crew


Byron Bitz and Milan Lucic Celebrate

Seriously. Winning games in regulation is boring. It’s fascist. It deprives the audience of that little bit of extra time and thrills that they deserve. In tough economic times, everyone wants to make that buck go a little bit further and an extra five minutes plus of hockey every night can do just that.

For two games in a row, on consecutive nights for that matter, the Bruins had to go to overtime to seek that precious second point and for two straight games (on the road, mind you) they did it. Both nights, in the shoot-out Thursday in Atlanta and last night’s overtime win in Buffalo, the man at the forefront was Patrice Bergeron. He scored the winner in Buffalo and had a ridiculously gorgeous shoot-out goal against the Thrashers.

Winning face-offs, playing against other team’s top lines, grinding in all zones, Bergeron has been one of the team’s few consistently reliable contributors all season. Though his face off percentage has him 9th overall in the league, his number of draws won has him 3rd, behind only Sidney Crosby and Paul Stastny. He also leads the team in goals and points with 7-7-14 totals.

In both games the newly returned Milan Lucic, finding chemistry with the ever energetic Byon Bitz, has also been a key factor. Hitting like the Looch we all know and love and, last night, scoring the Bruins first goal on a sweet set up from Bitz. In both games Tukka Rask has been solid filling in for Tim Thomas (still nursing a minor injury that the team deems to sensitive to disclose…). In both games Blake Wheeler, normally embarrassingly mild mannered, has shown some snarl and been a major factor. Even Michael Ryder seems to be waking up.

All good signs considering the imminent return of Marc Savard. Maybe I’m fooling myself and this is just another trip up the rollercoaster and the plummet is just around the corner again but I feel like we’re about to see the complete team and the complete effort that we expected to see when the season began. I feel like good things are imminent and an excellent 4 game road trip is as good a way as any to start it off.

Maybe it’s just the Fan-Boy in me, I don’t know.


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